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January 2018
 / VOLUME 18 / ISSUE 1
Captains in the Spotlight

Captaining a Maine Windjammer Association vessel requires skills from many different professions: seafaring skills, of course, but also, electrical, plumbing, woodworking and catering, to name a few. Equally important, these owner-captains are also the hosts, story-tellers, musicians, wedding officiants, historians and wildlife guides. With a new season just a few short months away, we asked four captains what they were looking forward to in 2018.


Mary Day Captains Barry King and Jen Martin with Nadie, Sawyer and the pups.

Captain Barry says, “This fall a friend and I went exploring on his power boat for a couple days. We poked into all sorts of coves I haven't been to in a long time or haven't been to with the schooner yet. I am looking forward to anchoring in some new coves this summer and my ‘Captain's Favorites’ Cruise in August when I will get a chance to take folks to my favorite little out-of-the-way places and maybe even a new favorite that I haven't been to yet.”


Heritage Captains Doug and Linda Lee

“We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2018 sailing the Great Windship Heritage with all our friends, old and new, aboard and with our experienced crew,” Captain Doug said. “The first trip is always exciting as it’s so wonderful to be back aboard the schooner enjoying the sailing, scenery, sunsets and night sky. Seeing all the other schooners at the Gam is always a thrill. Hope you’ll join us as all our trips are special with excellent food, cabins, island visits, with lots of maritime history, DownEast stories and bird watching.”


Lewis R. French Captains Garth Wells and Jenny Tobin with August and Sanden

We look forward to sharing the boat and the bay with our guests and are especially looking forward to our new kayaking trips. We have two this year! As well as our new Father’s Day cruise - it’s a short two-nighter which will hopefully fit well into people’s weekend schedule. Dads who sail with a child are half off!


Angelique Captain Dennis Gallant, Candace Kuchinski and Malcolm

We are most looking forward to taking our guests to one of our favorite harbors, Burnt Coat Harbor on Swan’s Island, for the Sweet Chariot Music Festival. It’s been three years since Angelique last went to this festival.

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