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June 2017
 / VOLUME 17 / ISSUE 6
Green Getaways a Hallmark of Windjammer Cruise

credit: Fred Russell
For those looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint this year, windamming is one of the most ecologically sound ways to travel. Pictured here, Schooners Stephen Taber and Ladona, like their fleet-mates, average only a gallon of fuel per person over the course of a week!


Not only does windjamming offer unparalleled opportunities for connection with nature, unforgettable vistas of the coast of Maine, and a fabulous beachside lobster bake with every cruise, windjamming may also be the greenest vacation on offer.


The Maine Windjammer Association has been a member of Leave No Trace for many years. Prior to joining (and before LNT was formally established), the captains were already practicing good stewardship including beach clean-ups, respect for wildlife and treading lightly.


Every windjamming cruise uses negligible amounts of fossil fuels, minimizes waste and encourages stewardship of the environment. Each Maine Windjammer Association captain practices and teaches the tenets of “Leave No Trace,” an idea that took hold in the 1990s based on seven basic principles covering preparation, protecting the wild, disposing of waste, minimizing impacts and respecting wildlife.


credit: Scott Marx
While Capt. Barry and crew prepare the lobster bake, Mary Day guests enjoy exploring the island. Careful not to trample the fragile environment, guests put their LNT training to good work on every shore trip.


So, while enjoying everything that windjamming has to offer – from freshly baked wild blueberry muffins prepared on an authentic woodstove to deck side stargazing while the captain or crew pick out tunes on a guitar – every guest can feel satisfied knowing that their unforgettable vacation is also having minimal impact on the environment.

For more information about sailing this season, visit the Maine Windjammer Association website.


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