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February 2017
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Captain Barry Celebrates a Milestone

Then and now.
Thanks to his amazing guests, crew and family, Captain Barry finds "something to wonder at, to marvel at, to feel very blessed about on every cruise.Ē             credit (right): Neal Parent

Barry King has spent 25 years windjamming. We caught up with him to hear his reflections on 25 years in the schooner business.

Maine Windjammer Association: 25 years! Wow!

Barry King: I know! But letís remember, Iím only halfway there compared to some of the other captains whoíve been at this for almost 50 years. And I still love it Ė amazing thing. Who woulda thunk it?!

MWA: Tell us about the experience.

BK: For me, 25 years is about the human element, more than it is about sailing. I really grew up over the last 25 years. And, for better or worse, early on, I got thrown in at the deep end. I certainly made my fair share of mistakes at the beginning but over the years, Iíve relaxed a lot and learned to trust my intuition. I grew up on the water Ė I had a lobster skip that I used to sail by myself and I think it gave me an advantage. I just have a real reliable, intuitive sense about boats and the water.

credit: John Williams
Captain Barryís beloved Mary Day, ď96 tons of schooner.Ē

MWA: What do you love about windjamming?

BK: Itís the people. The guests. I love listening to people Ė I really enjoy them. When you hear peopleís stories, you get a little tiny glimpse into what their worldís about, you realize everybodyís got something to say. Everybodyís got an amazing story.

Also, sailing these big cool boats. How cool it is to be sailing 96 tons of schooner?! Itís really thrilling and something most people never get to do.

And, of course, the coast of Maine! To me itís home, itís where my heart is. Every summer, there are these deeply spiritual moments and so many times when I pinch myself and think, Holy Cow! Am I lucky! I havenít lost that deep sense of excitement and wonder and I have a real sense that my life has been graced. When I lose that, thatís probably time when I ought to hang it up. But itís still happening for me. I find something to wonder at, to marvel at, to feel very blessed about on every cruise. I feel very lucky that way.

credit: Elaine Wood

MWA: Would you do it all again?

BK: Absolutely! I have no regrets. Sometimes I think it might have been better to spend more time sailing with other captains when I was younger before I took the helm, but I went to graduate school instead and that allowed me to bring a whole different range of experience to the equation. I was a relatively young captain and grew up sailing yachts so I didnít have lots of experience with schooners. But the Mary Dayís former owner had confidence in me and I jumped in. And I would do it all again!

Captain Barry canít wait to go sailing, starting in May. Check out the fleetís 2017 sailing schedules online.


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