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January 2017
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Fresh from the Galley

As the windjammers hunker down under layers of snow and ice, we want to have a taste of summer fun and so we’re sharing these scrumptious recipes to remind ourselves: summer is coming!

From the Stephen Taber:

“This is an amazing recipe for a warm summer day when you want something a little different than hamburgers on the grill. Taking its lead from traditional Mediterranean ingredients, this simple, delicious, and healthy delight will keep you and your guests coming back for more!”

-Captain Noah

credit: Courtesy Schooner Stephen Taber

Mediterranean Chicken Wraps from Stephen Taber chef Caroline Ridout.

serves 3 - 4

2 lbs. chicken breast, trimmed and washed
.5 C+ balsamic vinegar
.5 C+ extra virgin olive oil
1 T minced garlic
1 T sea salt
2 t ground pepper
2 12-oz cans of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1.5 C cherry tomatoes, washed and halved
1 medium red onion, sliced into crescents
extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper to taste
red leaf romaine lettuce, 1” chopped and washed
pita bread, warmed.

Butterfly the chicken breast so they are no more than .75” thick. Using a mixing bowl or ziplock bag, marinate the chicken with the balsamic, evoo, salt and pepper. Mix well, and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours. After two hours, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Turn your grill on to medium heat and let warm. Spread the tomatoes, onions, and chickpeas out on the cookie sheet and mix them together evenly. Drizzle the mix with evoo and s/p before tossing it together once again, making sure everything has been coated. Bake the veggie mix at 350 for 15-20 minutes on the top rack, pulling the pan out after half of the time has elapsed, mixing the veggies once again, then putting back into the oven to continue to roast.

When you put the veggie mix into the oven, pull the chicken out of the fridge. Place each piece of chicken out on the grill, making sure that the pieces don’t touch each other. Close the grill and let them cook (In other words, don’t feel the need to flip them immediately).

When turning the veggies in the oven, flip the chicken. The cooked side should have browned char lines. If they have burnt, turn the grill temp down to medium. Always keep an eye on both veggies and meat so as not to overcook either. The veggies should be done when the onions are softened but have not lost their c-shape. Turn off the oven at this time and move the pan to the lower rack in the oven.

Lightly dampen each round of pita bread and place them on the top rack of the oven (above the veggies). The steam will help to flavor, heat, and soften your bread. The chicken should be a white color inside when cooked through. Use the finger test to check your meat for doneness. Using a cutting board and sharp knife, slice the breast meat into strips.

Pull the bread and veggies out of the oven (after roughly 5 minutes of warming time). You may use your whole piece of bread, OR cut the circle in half, and make the half into a pocket. Fill your bread with romaine, the veggie mix, and pieces of chicken to your heart’s content! For a flavor boost, add tabouleh, hummus, or even mozzarella string cheese to your wrap!


Broccoli Salad from the Lewis R. French

serves 4

Captain Jenny of the Lewis R. French shares this recipe from her mom’s kitchen!

2 heads of broccoli cut into small florets
1 can mandarin oranges
3/4 C dried cranberries
3/4 C toasted, salted cashews or sunflower seeds
1 small purple onion diced small (I usually use a 1/2 of onion)
1/2 lb. bacon crumbled (optional, I did not include this on the boat)


¾ C mayonnaise
2 T apple cider vinegar
¼ C sugar (optional, I never used it on the boat)

Mom says, “I mix all the salad stuff except bacon. Then I mix the dressing and add to the salad. Then I mix in the crumbled bacon. Most recipes say to add the dressing just before serving but I like to let it sit all together. Makes the broccoli a little easier to chew!!”


Asparagus Salad from the Lewis R. French

serves 4

1 bunch asparagus
1 handful toasted, crushed hazelnuts
1 T chopped mint
3 T freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 T Sherry vinegar, or white balsalmic vinegar
1 t honey
3 T extra virgin olive oil
Parmesan or pecorino shavings
salt and pepper to taste

optional: add 4 oz cubed/small diced pancetta. Render out fat over low heat until a little crispy, similar to cooking bacon. Reserve fat and use in place of olive oil. Keep warm so that it is easier to whisk into the dressing.

Using a vegetable peeler, shave the asparagus lengthwise to create strips. Toss with the hazelnuts and mint. Whisk together lemon juice, vinegar, honey, olive oil or fat, and pancetta, if using. Pour over asparagus and mix with salt and pepper to taste. Shave parmegiano or pecorino on top.

For more information about scrumptious recipes from the galleys of the Maine Windjammer Association click here.

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