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August 2016
 / VOLUME 15  / ISSUE 7  
The Foodie Edition - Got Lobster?

Every year, we take a month to celebrate the fact that Maine has become a foodie state, written up on many “top ten best food destination lists” that attract foodie experts, amateurs and world renowned critics alike. From James Beard to Trip Advisor, the consensus is that Maine has become a not-to-be-missed foodie destination.

credit: Bob Angell
With Schooner Heritage in the background, Capt. Doug prepares the lobster bake on a picture-perfect beach.


Featuring scrumptious home-cooked meals, freshly baked breads, locally sourced vegetables and a lobster bake on every cruise, the Maine Windjammer Association plays an important part of Maine’s burgeoning foodie reputation.

And while a hearty chowder made with fresh Maine clams or freshly baked muffins stuffed to the brim with tiny wild Maine blueberries may sound amazing, it’s the beachside lobster bake that often goes down in the books as a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list-satisfying, iconic, never-ever-forget event. Finding themselves on a deserted island with pristine beaches and plenty to explore, guests watch as the crew prepares an authentic lobster bake with steamers, corn-on-the-cob, and all you can eat lobster with sweet melted butter for dipping. As the sun sets and the calm harbor settles for the night, windjammer guests enjoy a feast of the senses.


credit: Scott Marx
Steamed to perfection, the much-anticipated lobsters are ready to eat, served up by the Mary Day’s Capt. Barry King.


As Captain Brenda of the Isaac H. Evans says, "The lobster bake is my favorite part of trip – there’s a lot of work that goes into it and I often hear from people that it’s the highlight of their trip. For so many people, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience: sitting on beach, enjoying a lobster and looking out at this gorgeous traditional sailing boat. They just really appreciate all that we’ve done to create this for them and that makes it great for me.”

Captain John of the American Eagle says, “What’s great about a lobster bake? Where to start after 40 seasons of lobster bakes?! It’s a delightful picnic on a perfect shore, exploring a Maine island and leaving it better than we found it!”

Captain Noah of the Stephen Taber agrees, saying, “This is something that most adults don’t often take time to do: cooking a meal in the wild: you’re grabbing food with your hands, breaking apart a lobster with your hands – and there’s something incredibly satisfying and primal about that.”

For his part, Captain J. R. of Ladona loves lobster, but also relishes the “turf” part of the meal. He says, “There’s nothing like enjoying a flank steak that’s been marinating all day cooked medium rare and sliced against the grain on a beautiful sandy beach.”

Captain Dennis of the Angelique recalls a time last season when “we were just east of the Casco Passage and there’s a little pocket beach that was perfectly calm and beautiful. Most of the guests went in swimming. It was a perfect night. When the lobster bake was over, we headed over to Bass Harbor as the sun was setting over Blue Hill Bay. Just an amazing day.”

With days like that, what’s not to celebrate!

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