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February 2016
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Tying the Knot, Windjammer-Style

credit: Captain Paul DeGaeta
Making memories aboard the Schooner Victory Chimes! If you’re planning a large wedding, with advance planning, most of the windjammers can get special permits from the Coast Guard to allow extra guests just for the day.

Maine’s rugged coast provides a dramatic backdrop for an unforgettable, romantic wedding. Says Captain Noah of the Stephen Taber, “Having your ceremony on a beach with a schooner—a National Historic Landmark, no less—anchored just offshore, there’s nothing like it.” Like other captains, Captain Noah has performed many weddings and each ceremony has been unique because the locations vary from wedding to wedding.

Windjammer weddings are especially perfect for brides who want to keep a handle on the guest list. Captain John of the Schooner American Eagle says, “The low-key venue keeps the guest list manageable. And the changing itinerary means the wedding can be spontaneous, anywhere they like.”

Captain J. R. Braugh officiates. This season you’ll find him at the helm of Schooner Ladona.

Captain Barry of the schooner Mary Day agrees, saying, “We can perform the wedding anywhere. For example, last September, I had a couple who wanted to marry by the rising of the blue moon. So we did. It was a kind of candlelight, lantern-light ceremony with the moon rising over Islesboro. Just stunning. Then everyone enjoyed the two different cakes made by the cook. Fabulous evening.”

credit: Joan Merritt
Captains Doug and Linda Lee helped one couple put on a Pirate Wedding aboard Schooner Heritage.

Sometimes wedding parties choose to charter an entire boat. Other couples keep their ceremony completely spontaneous by saying their vows at some unplanned point during their otherwise completely normal vacation. According to Capt. Barry, “One couple found another couple who were guests to be their maid of honor and best man. All the other guests dressed up and it was a party. The couple had brought champagne and we offered sparkling cider. We did it right after dinner. That was a wonderful evening.”

Says one recent bride, “What worked so well for me was that the captains and crew were incredibly gracious and took care of all the details, so I could relax and actually enjoy the day.”

For more information about tying the knot aboard one of the nine vessels in the Maine Windjammer Association, click here.

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