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November 2014
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And the winner is...

credit: Andre Albert Photography

First Prize Overall Winner
Congratulations Andre Albert! After careful consideration of 350 entries, our esteemed, salty panel of judges selected Andre’s photo entitled “Making a Pass” as our First Prize Overall Winner. It features three of our member vessels during the Lighthouse Parade at the Rockland Breakwater, from left to right: Heritage, Victory Chimes and Angelique.
The prize? A complimentary windjammer cruise of course! Well done Andre!

Second Place Overall Winner goes to Don Wass for his lovely sunset photograph taken during the WoodenBoat Sail-In in Brooklin.

credit: Don Wass

Our Third Place Winner is Tim Sullivan for his image entitled, “Lighthouse Schooner” taken during the 2014 Great Schooner Race. Any guesses on which mystery schooner is hiding? Here’s a hint, she’s the only schooner currently in the fleet to carry two white topsails.

credit: Tim Sullivan Photography


An Honorable Mention goes to Frank Hamilton for his beautiful reflective image of the Heritage.

credit: Frank Hamilton



Fred LeBlanc, photographer extraordinaire, has been sailing aboard Maine’s windjammers for more than a decade, capturing the beauty and power of these majestic vessels. We asked Fred to review more than 350 contest entries and to select his top three images. He gave us four!

Fred’s Favorites, First Place
“Looks like a perfect sailing and photography day. The photographer captured the light, action and the feel of the wind.”

credit: Andre Albert
"Making a Pass"


Fred’s Favorites, Second Place
“Nice image of a Gam… I like that the boats are at more of a 3/4 view rather the just stern view.”

credit: Mikael Carstanjen
"Schooner Gam"


Fred’s Favorites, Third Place
“Great example of being in the right place at the right time. Nice composition with the schooner in the foreground, crew action and directing the viewer to the rainbow.”

credit: Curt Watts
"A Good Place to Anchor"


Fred’s Favorites, Fourth Place
“I like the texture of the sky, the angle and shadow of the boat in the foreground, also the leading line to the schooner in the background.”

credit: Scott Marx
"On Marshall Island"


Food Category Winners
Whether it’s the personal touches (Captain Brenda Thomas’s hand-piped schooner Isaac H. Evans chocolates) or the amazing bounty that magically appears every meal (here, served by the smiling Anna Miller aboard the Stephen Taber), everyone can agree that food is the highlight of every windjammer cruise.

credit: Jim Oliver
"Fleet in the Clouds"


credit: Patti Cummings


People Category Winners
Always a tough category, we chose two winning photographs that capture the joy of windjamming…albeit in two very different ways!

credit: Wendy Ford
"Crew in the Rigging"


credit: Eiichi Okamura
"Music and Laughter"


Scenics Category Winners
This was a nearly impossible category to fill because we had so many amazing images to choose from. Thomas Shanklin’s “Captain Garth to the Rescue” does a great job of capturing one of the many moods of coastal Maine…this one quiet, peaceful and reflective.

credit: Thomas Shanklin
"Captain Garth to the Rescue"

After a full day of racing, Jack Zievis caught the Stephen Taber’s last tack through Rockland Harbor at the end of the Great Schooner Race.

credit: Jack Zievis
"Schooner Stephen Taber Under Sail"


Après Sail Category Winners
As everyone knows, a windjammer vacation is not always about sailing a windjammer. To honor some of our favorite après sail activities, we selected Scott Borowy’s photo of Plain Jane, a 14-foot wherry built by Captain Noah Barnes and Pond Island Panorama by Chris Harrison. Anyone still think Maine has nothing but rocky beaches?

credit: Scott Borowy
"Plain Jane"


credit: Chris Harrison
"Pond Island Panorama"


End of the Day Category Winners
Given the gorgeous weather we had this past summer, it’s no surprise we had tons of beautiful sunset entries. Here are two images that deserve special recognition:

credit: Mikael Carstanjen
"End of the Day"


credit: Ed DeMellier
"Mary Day Sunset"


Honoring the adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” the Captain’s Favorite Category was created so each of the 8 members in the Maine Windjammer Association could select an image of their choice. Here are this year’s winners:


Captain’s Favorite: American Eagle


credit: Mikael Carstanjen
"Gloucester Schooner Race"


Captain’s Favorite: Angelique

credit: MB Rolfe
"Angelique Sunset"


Captain’s Favorite: Heritage

credit: Frank Hamilton
"Heritage Bow"


Captain’s Favorite: Isaac H. Evans

credit: Martha Woodward Tuke
"Maine Shore Boat"


Captain’s Favorite: Lewis R. French

credit: Theresa Stutzman
"First Swim"


Captain’s Favorite: Mary Day

credit: Mikael Carstanjen
"Over the Rail"


Captain’s Favorite: Stephen Taber

credit: Jacqueline Normile
"Breakwater Parade"


Captain’s Favorite: Victory Chimes

credit: Tim Sullivan Photography
"Victory Chimes"


Click to view these images in a slideshow and stay tuned for details on how to download our complimentary screen saver featuring all of these award-winning photos. On behalf of the Maine Windjammer Association, we want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Photo Contest. We look forward to launching our 6th annual Photo Contest next spring.

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