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November 2013
 / VOLUME 12  / ISSUE 11  
And the winner is...

credit: Neil M. Shively
Congratulations Neil Shively! We’re so glad Neil had a front-row seat to this year’s Windjammer Parade—he definitely captured the excitement at the Breakwater as the Heritage and Victory Chimes crossed paths! And the First Place prize? A complimentary windjammer cruise of course! Well done Neil!

Second Place Overall Winner goes to Ned Fleming for his lovely sunset photograph of the Isaac H. Evans.

credit: Ned Fleming


Our Third Place Winner is Scott Marx for his image entitled, "Mary Day Morning." 

credit: Scott Marx


An Honorable Mention goes to Jeanne Lightbody for her delightful image entitled, "Everyone Watches the Race." 

credit: Jeanne Lightbody


Fred LeBlanc, photographer extraordinaire, has been sailing aboard Maine’s windjammers for a decade, capturing the beauty and power of these majestic vessels. We asked Fred to review more than 300 contest entries and to select his top three images. He gave us four!
Fred’s Favorites, First Place
credit: Craig Caldwell
Fred’s Favorites, Second Place
credit: Scott Marx
"Sailing Through the Stars"
Fred’s Favorites, Third Place
credit: Scott Marx
"Mainsheet Perspective"
Fred’s Favorites, Fourth Place
credit: Scott Eldredge
"Nathaniel Bowditch in Pulpit Harbor"


Honoring the adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” the Captain’s Favorites Category was created so each of the 9 members in the Maine Windjammer Association could select an image of their choice. Here are this year’s winners:

Captain’s Favorite: American Eagle
credit: Shawn Payment
"Vanishing Point"
Captain’s Favorite: Angelique

credit: Scott Marx
Captain’s Favorite: Heritage
credit: James Boyle
"Schooner Heritage"
Captain’s Favorite: Isaac H. Evans
credit: Andre Albert
"Windjammer Parade at Breakwater Lighthouse"
Captain’s Favorite: Lewis R. French
credit: Lee VanMiddlesworth
"Skipping Stones"
Captain’s Favorite: Mary Day
credit: Russ Ganz
"Mary Day at the Breakwater"
Captain’s Favorite: Nathaniel Bowditch
credit: Joyce Nichols
"Sparks and Sky"
Captain’s Favorite: Stephen Taber
credit: J.P. Allen
"Deck View"
Captain’s Favorite: Victory Chimes
credit: Neil M. Shively
"Heritage and Victory Chimes"
This was a nearly impossible category to fill because we had so many amazing images to choose from. We all know how exciting it is to be on a windjammer, but we chose Bernadette’s photo because it captures the fun of getting off a windjammer! At the end of the day, or first thing in the morning, guests often have a chance to go ashore and explore. And what a magical anchorage this is!
credit: Bernadette Brooks
Always a tough category, we chose two winning photographs that capture the joy of windjamming...albeit in two very different ways!
credit: James Boyle
"To the Rescue"
credit: Curt Watts
"Fun at Sea"

In the past we’ve featured lobsters, donuts, cakes and pies, but this year, salad never looked so good! Bon Appetit!

credit: Holly Ruck
Stephen Taber Salad



Yes, Virginia, we do have puffins! Kudos to Ed Demellier who captured this fleeting photo of a “Clown of the Sea.”

credit: Ed Demellier
"Puffin Flight"



Flags and flag reflections—this photo has it all! 

credit: Nathan DePetris
"Independence Day"




We tend to focus on sunsets, but this year's winning photos were coincidentally all shot at sunrise. So much beauty before breakfast! 

credit: Murry Feldstein
"Sunrise Aboard Heritage"


credit: Cynthia Tomassi
"Burnt Coat Sunrise"


credit: W.T. Jones
"The Dawn Lamp"

Click to view these images in a slideshow and stay tuned for details on how to download our complimentary screen saver featuring all of these award-winning photos. On behalf of the Maine Windjammer Association, we want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Photo Contest. We look forward to launching our 5th annual Photo Contest next spring!

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