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September 2013
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Favorite Anchorage: Schooner Victory Chimes

credit: Ben Magro
The Victory Chimes is the largest vessel in the fleet, carrying up to 44 passengers.

For Captain Kip Files, that’s an easy question: “One that’s calm. They’re all great, but I prefer ones where there’s not much going on.”

As captain of the largest windjammer in the fleet and the only three-masted schooner, the depth and size of the harbor are important factors when choosing the night’s anchorage. Luckily for Captain Kip, there are 3,000 islands off Maine’s coast and plenty of safe quiet harbors that are happy to welcome windjammer guests.

credit: Philip Wood
Before heading over to nearby Smith Cove, Captain Files often stops in Castine so guests can go ashore and explore one of New England's oldest towns.

Captain Kip says, “I like to get guests ashore where they can poke around, explore a village or deserted beach. I like a harbor that has the perfect sunset and where we can pull out of the wind.” As examples, Captain Kip mentions Smith Cove and Bass Harbor, “Two of the prettiest spots you could ever hope to see.”

Anyone who’s ever visited these anchorages couldn’t agree more! For more information about the Victory Chimes or the fleet, please visit our website.

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