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Thursday, April 18, 2019 May 2013   VOLUME 12 ISSUE 5  
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Favorite Anchorage: Schooner Heritage

photo: Dan Struble
Schooner Heritage settles in for the night off one of their favorite anchorages.

For 30 years, Captains Doug and Linda Lee have sailed their 95-foot Schooner Heritage around the 3,000+ islands off Maine’s coast. After all this time, picking a favorite anchorage is no easy task. Nonetheless, each of these phenomenally experienced captains gave us some great ideas.

Cradle Cove, next to Seven Hundred Acre Island, is one of Captain Linda Lee’s favorite anchorages.
Captain Linda said, “We like Cradle Cove near by Seven Hundred Acre Island. Another one of my favorites is Long Cove on Vinalhaven. It’s remote and there’s plenty of nice rowing if guests decide to row around the cove. There are lots of stars, lots of wildlife – seals, osprey and even deer!”

photo: Captain Barry King
Long Cove on Vinalhaven is a great place for viewing seals.

Captain Doug said, “I’d pick Pretty Marsh in Blue Hill Bay because it’s remote and Acadia National Park is right there. Of course, the Park is protected, and Pretty Marsh is a good spot to be if there’s a breeze. Also, it’s part of the Park and I like that because there are no people…it’s just you and nature, osprey, loons, seals. Our guests love it. Sometime they row around, sometimes they go ashore, although the landing there is pretty rugged. Most of the time, they just stay on the schooner and enjoy the view.”

photo: Scott Finley
Pretty Marsh on Mount Desert Island is one of Captain Doug’s favorite anchorages. It’s totally protected and located near Acadia National Park.
Like all windjammers, every cruise aboard the Schooner Heritage includes a beachside lobsterbake on one of the many gorgeous anchorages that characterize Maine’s rugged coast. Please visit our Fleet page for more information about all ten vessels in the Maine Windjammer Association.

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