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Thursday, April 18, 2019 Issue 73   VOLUME 12 ISSUE 4  
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Calling all beer lovers, romantics and gourmet foodies Specialty Cruises are Here!

photo: Frog and Turtle Gastro Pub
A Schooner Feast prepared by Chef Tranchemontagne: charcuterie duck, creaton, house-made bacon and duck prosciutto.

The Mary Day’s new Craft of Ale Sail offers guests a chance to enjoy microbrews from around the region, do some beer tasting, explore beer pairings and try your hand at home brewing a nut brown ale at sea.  
Captains are multi-talented. They have to be. They can build boat parts, navigate a rocky coastline and provide guests with a sailing experience of a lifetime. But they often have talents you won’t find out about until you’ve known them awhile. For example, Captain Noah is a musician in a band and Captain Barry brews his own beer!

This season, they’re offering all kinds of specialty cruises and some of them showcase their own passions and talents. For example, Captain Barry has a June 16-22 beer lovers' cruise that includes a visit to a local microbrewery and lessons on how to make your own home brew – a nut brown ale – from start to finish. Guests will see the entire process and leave with a few bottles of their very own schooner brew.

For his part, Captain Noah has invited Nashville artists Jenn Schott and Melissa Peirce on board June 16-22 to sing, tell stories and entertain guests. Each night will include an informal concert featuring their chart-topping songs and utterly charming harmonies. He’s also got Chef Tranchemontagne of the highly regarded Westbrook gastro pub Frog and Turtle coming aboard June 6-9 to discuss techniques, inspiration, woodstove cookery and his passion for house-made charcuterie. Then, he’s got a romantic full-moon cruise over Memorial Day weekend that’s a wine, dine and chocolate cruise – it’s like a mini wine cruise!

Enjoy the longest days of the year aboard the Schooner Stephen Taber with special musical guests Jenn Schott and Melissa Peirce during a 6-day Solstice cruise.

photo: Captain Barry King  
Grab your camera and binoculars for this 6-day sailing adventure (June 23-29) aboard the Mary Day with an award-winning photographer and Registered Maine Guide Jim Dugan and expert naturalist Erika Carlson-Rhile.  

In addition to his Craft of Ale Sail, Captain Barry is also offering a quick getaway over Memorial Day weekend as well as the popular Nature and Photography Cruise featuring professional photographer Jim Dugan and longtime naturalist Erika Rhile who will provide interesting information about the abundant natural world on display along Maine’s coast as well as providing pointers for how best to photograph the world around you. This week-long cruise runs from June 23-29.

For more information about these and other cruises available from the Maine Windjammer Association, click here.

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