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Wednesday, March 20, 2019 February 2013   VOLUME 12 ISSUE 2  
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Specialty Cruises: Where Passion Meets Passion!

photo: Christine Tibbetts
Captain Garth enjoys a big laugh during the beachside lobster bake – a feature of every windjammer cruise.

All of the Maine Windjammer Association vessels earmark a few of their cruises to focus on something that may have nothing to do with windjamming, per se, but is a passion, nonetheless. From chocolates and wine enthusiasts to photographers and lighthouse lovers, hobbyists of every stripe will find something aboard the Maine Windjammer Association vessels.

This month, we’re featuring some special cruises offered by the Lewis R. French and the Isaac H. Evans.

Dads of all ages are celebrated aboard the Lewis R. French when the entire cruise is centered on Father’s Day. This is the one trip of the season where the minimum age is lowered to 12 years of age (normally it’s 16). This is the perfect trip for families with younger kids who have just gotten out of school and are ready to have some fun with Dad. Together they can cast a line, haul a sail or row around a protected harbor. What better way to celebrate the most important man in your life than with a special three-day cruise enjoying an adventure on Maine’s rugged coast.

How about music?
If music is your passion, then the Sweet Chariot Music Festival is just for you. Sail aboard the Lewis R. French from August 4-10 and enjoy thrilling vocals and poignant folk music that will fill the heart and stir the imagination at this one-of-a kind event on Swan’s Island. For a quick glimpse at the kind of talent you might see at the Festival, click here. This trip includes shipboard shanties, tickets to the shoreside concert, plus all of the “regular” features of a 6-day windjammer cruise.

photo: Maine Windjammer Association
Captain Garth makes a point of attending the Boothbay Festival where guests cap off the evening with fireworks as seen from the deck.

The Lewis R. French is one of only a few MWA windjammers scheduled to attend Boothbay Harbor’s Windjammer Days the last week of June. Going strong after 50 years, this is a jam-packed event featuring street parades, a parade of sail, craft festivals, an island lobster bake, music and fireworks. It’s also one of the few times during the season when the windjammers explore their cruising grounds to the west, sometimes stopping at Monhegan Island or Pemaquid Point. The French always makes an effort to visit Christmas Cove where the vessel was built in 1871. Guests are pretty much guaranteed to see puffins on this trip, and sometimes even a whale or two!

In Stitches!
For the knitters in the crowd, having a group of compatriots to answer questions, provide encouragement and celebrate when the last stitch is complete is the answer to every handcrafter’s wish. Aboard the Isaac H. Evans, a rousing cheer is heard every time another knitter completes a project. Between “Ooohs and ahhs” about the spectacular scenery come the “Oohs and ahhs” about the results of the latest cable stitch. Take knitting to the next level where the entire cruise is dedicated to relaxing completely and really enjoy the fingerwork.

    photo: Patrick Burns
    Captain Brenda makes sure every passenger has the best opportunity to see a colony of puffins during her puffin cruise.
Or stargazing and…puffins?!

If you love stargazing, you’re in luck! The Isaac H. Evans is offering two amateur astronomy cruises with Roy Hewitt. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn as Roy uses a green laser to point out the constellations and galaxies. The first astronomy cruise (July 21-27) is also a combination puffin cruise. Puffins are comical-looking birds that nest offshore on Eastern Egg Rock. Because of wind direction, it’s not always possible for the windjammers to get there. Captain Brenda has decided to make sure her passengers catch a glimpse of these wild-looking creatures by booking tickets for all her passengers aboard the Elizabeth Ann for a 2½-hour puffin cruise. When you return to Port Clyde, it’s back aboard the Evans for more spectacular sailing and stargazing! Roy will also be aboard August 11-17 to lead the second astronomy cruise.

Alternately, if you prefer sailing by moonlight, Captain Brenda has the cruise for you. Hearken back to the days of old when sailors kept the sails up ‘round the clock.

For more information about specialty cruises aboard the ten vessels belonging to the Maine Windjammer Association, click here.

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