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Tips for Traveling with Pets
Extra planning makes all the difference

Vacation time is coming up and now you have a dilemma — what do you do with your pets? You can always find a kennel to board them, but many people prefer to take their four-legged friends with them on their new adventures. We have some tips for helping make the journey stress-free for you and your pet.
Traveling by car
Many dogs love traveling by car, but if you are going any distance you might want to provide a crate or restraint to keep them from roaming around. Also, think again before allowing your dog to sit in the passenger seat. If the air bags deploy there is risk of your pet being hurt. If you open the windows, keep them high enough to prevent your pet from sticking his head out. He can be injured that way as well.
It’s also important to allow time for frequent rest stops to give your dog a chance to stretch his legs, go to the bathroom and drink some water. Take a leash with you, because you don’t want to risk your pet running away or getting hit by other motorists.
Another important tip: don’t let your pet sit alone in a car, especially if the temperatures are warm. The temperature in a car can rise quickly and harm or even kill pets that are left inside.
Traveling by plane
Consider this type of travel carefully if you are taking along a pet. The Humane Society says some breeds of dogs and Persian cats can be particularly vulnerable to oxygen deprivation and heat stroke in a plane. If your pet is loaded in a cargo hold, opt for a direct flight to avoid the possibility of being separated from your animal during plane transfers.
If you must fly, investigate which airlines will let you take a cat or small dog into the cabin, and find out what their policies, fees and restrictions include. Pets will also have to be screened by airport security, so again, educate yourself on whether you’ll have to take your pet outside her carrier and if you can safety contain her in a hectic airport setting.
Finding pet-friendly lodging
Once you get to your destination, you’ll want to find lodging that will accept your pet. Websites like offer a database of possible hotels to stay in across the U.S. Select the state you are traveling to and then narrow your search by clicking on specific cities and towns to see which hotels are happy to welcome in your pets.
With a few extra steps of planning, you can create wonderful vacation memories with your entire family — Fido included.
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