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Tuesday, December 1, 2015 Issue 3   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3  
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Ravel Violin Sonatas and Bridge Sonata
by Elaine Fine, Am. Record Guide

Charles Libove studied with Ivan Galamian at Curtis in the 1994Os, was a member of the Paganini Quartet, the Beaux-Arts Quartet, the Philharmonia Piano Trio, and the Marlboro Trio. He won the first Enesco International Violin Competition, and, with the Beaux-Arts Quartet, won the first Naumburg International
Chamber Music Competition. He spent most of his career teaching and working as a studio musician in New York. Lugovoy also studied at Curtis in the 194Os and made some solo recordings. She and Libove recorded the Ravel in 1976 and the Bridge three or four years ago.

I am really grateful that they are finally sharing these readings with us. They fill their thrilling, extroverted Tzigane with huge amounts of energy harnessed in a solid rhythmic framework, which makes for an extraordinarily exciting performance. Their reading of the Sonata is tremendous, especially the 'Blues' movement. I imagine that they have both spent some "quality time" with jazz musicians. I love Libove's singing sound and his great pizzicato and slide combinations. Libove and Lugovoy play very lyrically in the complicated and sometimes obtuse Bridge Sonata, written in 1932. It is the stuff that used to be called “modern music". Libove and Lugovoy make it "real music"

Don't miss this recording.


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"Don't miss this recording." American Record Guide
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