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Tuesday, December 8, 2009  
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When It Comes to Fun, the Sky’s the Limit in Arizona and New Mexico!
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When It Comes to Fun, the Sky’s the Limit in Arizona and New Mexico!
Dare to experience something new and different in the coming year!

As the new year approaches, make a resolution to explore some exhilarating activities you may not have tried before. There are awesome and amazing opportunities available right in your region! From hot air balloon rides to indoor skydiving, you can have the adventure of a lifetime!


If you’ve always wanted to experience the thrill of freefalling through the air on a high flying skydive, but your sense of fear keeps you grounded, you can get the same rush of wind and adrenaline indoors with a visit to SkyVenture Arizona! Located at 4900 N. Taylor Road in Eloy, Arizona, SkyVenture Arizona offers you the opportunity to experience “indoor skydiving,” where you’ll feel as though you were dropping from the sky via a true-to-life wind tunnel! SkyVenture Arizona offers two packages; the beginner’s package, suitable for “all ages,” includes professional instruction and an incredible dive from a wind-simulated altitude of 13,000 feet! Packages start at $50 with group discounts and gift certificates also available! For more information, visit


If you’re more likely to enjoy the serene and gratifying experience of floating above the picturesque landscape in a basket, go up, up and away with a hot air balloon ride from Rainbow Ryder’s Enchanted Winds Hot Air Balloon Company, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Your cares will float away on the breeze as you’re lifted up into the atmosphere by a colorful, state-of-the-art hot air balloon for a magical experience and a view you won’t soon forget! Balloon rides are offered throughout the year, as long as the weather is clear! Rainbow Ryder’s has a stellar reputation for safety and over 25 years of experience up in the sky. Balloon flight bookings are available for your special events and group outings! Balloon ride gift certificates make for a delightful surprise! For more information, visit


If you like the rugged outdoors and long to see for miles, all the way to the horizon, reach for the peaks with a rock climbing adventure made possible by Climb Arizona, located at 8009 East Snakeroot Drive in Tucson, Arizona. Learn all the ropes and tools of the trade with personalized instruction on various adventurous excursions with your own certified guide! Advance your skills until you’re climbing high in Arizona’s unique mountain ranges, which offer some of the best vantage points in the state! Private lessons are offered throughout the winter, spring and autumn seasons and are customized for skill levels from beginning through advanced. For more information, visit


If you dreamily watch birds as they glide through the clouds, maybe it’s time you stretched your wings and gave hang gliding a try! Painted Sky Hang Gliding, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will help your spirits soar with courses that will build your confidence, even if you’re just a fledgling flier! Beginners are given several hours of informative instruction before being trained in the basics of taking off, flight and landing on a starter hill. Gliders and harnesses are provided! Complete beginner’s courses, as well as individual day courses, are offered. For more information, visit


Be bold and try something different. Make 2010 a year to remember! 


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