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Tuesday, October 13, 2009  
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Win $50 in our photo contest!
Bulk Up Against Cold Weather Bugs
Have an Eco-Friendly Autumn
Give the Kids a Treat with Some Classic Halloween Cartoons & Animations!
Fall Leaves Creative Opportunities!
You Might Need New Tires Sooner Than You Think
Think you can't afford it? YES YOU CAN!
Donate your old cell phone for a good cause
An Apple a Day
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Win $50 in our photo contest!
Join Mr. Ed's fan page and get a chance to win $50 each month

Welcome to the contest rules for Mr. Ed's fan page $50 giveaway!

The rules are simple:

1 - Become a "fan" of Mr. Ed on facebook. If you don't currently have a facebook profile, it's easy to set one up. Just go to and enter some basic information to get started. Once you have a facebook profile, just do a search (in the upper right hand corner) for "Mr. Ed Auto Loan" and click on the button to become a fan of our page.

2 - Once you are a fan of Mr. Ed's facebook page, you will have access to view the photo that will be posted for our weekly contest. Each week we will post a section of a photo that shows part of a vehicle that we carry on our lots, and our fans can try to guess what the make and model of the vehicle are.

3 - Each week, the first fan who guesses the make and model correctly from the photo section will get 2 free movie tickets, AND they will be entered in our monthly drawing. There will be one entry each week, so if you are the first to guess correctly, your chances of winning the $50 are 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 (depending on how many weeks there are in that month)

4 - At the beginning of each month we'll have a drawing to see which of the previous month's correct guessers will be the lucky one to receive $50! We will then get your mailing address to send the $50 Visa giftcard to, or if you prefer you can pick up the giftcard at one of our Earnhardt locations.

Disclaimer: Earnhardt Auto Center employees (past and present) and family members of employees are excluded from the prize giveaway. There is no purchase necessary... just guess and win!

Search on facebook for "Mr. Ed Auto Loan"

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