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Tuesday, October 13, 2009  
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Fall Leaves Creative Opportunities!
Try your hand at some simple homemade crafts for fall!

Brightening up your autumn season is easy. There are so many ways to turn every day items from nature and around the house into fun-to-make crafts everyone can enjoy; even the kids can help! 


From acorns and fallen leaves, to old shirts and empty milk containers, you’ll have everything you need to have fun and even create some fantastic fall decorations for the yard!


Fall bird feeders:

As the air gets cooler and the season changes, don’t forget your feathered friends that may not fly elsewhere for the coming months. You can attract beautiful birds to your yard with a simple, easy to make bird feeder!


Start with a clean empty carton (think milk or juice) or plastic jug. Carefully cut a rectangular-shaped piece out of the front and sides of the carton midway between the top and bottom (all cutting should be done by an adult). The rectangular hole should extend from the front to halfway into each side panel, wide enough for a small bird to be able to get in. If you’re using a plastic jug, cut the jug on all sides except for the side with the handle and about half of the two sides closest to the handle, leaving those for support. Then, cut a small hole at the top center of the carton or jug and tie a loop of string through for hanging. Select a nearby tree, preferably close to a water source like a birdbath, and enjoy watching your feathered visitors come to your crafty feeder!


Your very own scarecrow:

If you’re looking for something to do with all those leaves you just raked (besides letting the kids jump in them!), why not make a scarecrow to sit by your steps and greet your harvest time guests and trick-or-treaters!


Round up some old, worn-out clothes that you no longer need – maybe a thin flannel shirt and an old pair of ripped jeans. Tie the ends of the sleeves and pant legs with string and start stuffing them with leaves! Once the clothes take shape, you can prop them up in a lawn chair or on some bales of hay for a fabulous fall scarecrow! For the head, have the kids paint a face onto a pumpkin or use a plastic “trick-or-treating” pumpkin, and top it off with an old straw hat!


Leaf rubbings & acorn crafts:

If it’s a brisk day and you need a quiet indoor activity for the kids, set aside the best leaves of several kinds for leaf rubbings. You can also collect pinecones and acorns to paint and glue into some “acorn faces.”


To make leaf rubbings, you’ll need a handful of fall-colored crayons with the paper wrappers removed, plain white paper and a collection of shapely leaves. Place the leaves flat between two sheets of paper with the ridges of each leaf’s veins facing the top sheet. Next, rub the crayons lengthwise firmly over the paper to create a leaf imprint!


To make “acorn dolls,” all you need are a few acorns, pinecones, some “wiggly eyes” paint, paintbrushes, glue and a little imagination. Use the acorns with caps that look like “hats,” add eyes to the acorns, then glue them onto a pinecone “body” and let your child’s imagination do the rest!


Have a happy & crafty fall season!


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