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Thursday, August 25, 2011 Issue 43   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 43  
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Is it Better to Try and Solve Existing Problems or Create New Possibilities?
From AVODAH to Moishe House
Moishe House of the Month, Buenos Aires
Moishe House East Bay Resident, Joshua Walters Featured in a TED Talk
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Is it Better to Try and Solve Existing Problems or Create New Possibilities?
by David Cygielman, CEO

This past week I had the good fortune of spending time with two of our board members thinking about the direction of Moishe House as well as meeting with several of our major funding partners. I noticed after the first day that a lot of our conversation revolved around how Moishe House is solving “problems” in the Jewish community. It is not the first time I have been in this type of conversation and it usually is pretty standard. What are we doing to solve the “problems” of Synagogue membership, Federation involvement, Jewish families and lack of Jewish knowledge and/or leadership for young adults in their 20’s? I have to admit, through so many conversations about Moishe House, I have also begun to think in these terms…what are we doing to solve the problems that the Jewish community and funders see as critical? But, not only do I think this line of thinking is unhealthy, there are two major issues with it.

From AVODAH to Moishe House
Expanding Young Jewish Commitment to Tikkun Olam
by Laura Taishoff, Moishe House New Orleans Resident

Throughout college I never really developed my own personal relationship with Judaism. The only time I ever felt connected to Judaism was during my family's boisterous and incredibly lively Passover seder every year. Thus, participating in AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps was an incredibly important experience for me in that I finally connected with Judaism on my own; we were hosting Shabbat dinners and I found that practice to be incredibly restorative. Also, I met people who I found deeply inspiring who in turn told me that they were motivated to do social justice work because of their Judaism that was mind blowing for me. I have been able to take that commitment to social justice stemming from Judaism and bring it to my life at Moishe House.


Moishe House of the Month, Buenos Aires
by Kevin Sherman, Director of International Programming

I am proud to announce that the Moishe House of the Month for July is Moishe House Buenos Aires! Over the past four years, Moishe House Buenos Aires has made it a habit of exceeding expectations while also being one of the most fun houses I have had an opportunity to work with. In July, Moishe House Buenos Aires managed to host nine programs with a total attendance of nearly 100 participants.


Moishe House East Bay Resident, Joshua Walters Featured in a TED Talk

Moishe House East Bay Resident, Joshua Walters, is featured on a TED talk entitled On Being Just Crazy Enough, exploring the line between mental illness and mental "skillness" at TED's Full Spectrum Auditions.


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