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MIMC Special Feature:
Excerpts from How to Grow When Markets Don't

This is the third in a series of excerpts from How to Grow When Markets Don't, a new book containing practical strategies for renewing growth in a tough economy, co-authored by Adrian Slywotzky and Richard Wise.

On Wednesday, June 18th, Adrian Slywotzky will keynote
MIMC's Annual Leadership Awards.  Industry Week recently had this to say, “Adrian Slywotzky promises to be what Peter Drucker was to much of the 20th century: the management guru against whom all others are measured.” Until the Awards Ceremony, you will continue to receive glimpses of the new book that Business Week has called, “a thought-provoking prescription to revive the top line.”


How to Grow When Markets Don’t shows how a handful of companies are uncovering and serving new customer needs in the spaces surrounding the product, through a strategy called "demand innovation". This powerful approach focuses on helping customers improve their own economics or efficiencies, or providing increased personal time, convenience, or security.  

Packed with thought provoking success stories, insights on how to mine your company's hidden assets and "moves for Monday morning" that can immediately improve your bottom line,  How To Grow When Markets Don't addresses today's economic challenges with practical strategies to generate new growth.

The third of the series of articles offers ideas for short-term moves to help improve results in the next 90 days.  To read about selling, pricing, and value proposition tactics aimed at jump-starting growth quickly, visit:            

For more on Dr. Slywtozky's work, go to


Getting Started -
Part Three of Excerpts from Slywotzky's newest eye-opening business book.

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