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Interactive Leaders Announced

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, MIMC announced the winners of its Fifth Annual Interactive Leadership Awards at a ceremony attended by nearly 300 professionals. Seven awards were presented, including a Lifetime Achievement award to Ray Ozzie, chairman and CEO of Groove Networks. The Interactive Leadership Awards honor key players and companies at the forefront of advancing Internet technologies in New England.

Winners photo (adjacent) from left to right: George Bell, Upromise; Steve Papa, Endeca; Ray Ozzie, Groove Networks; Robin Regensberg, RainCastle Communications; Tony Scarfo, Unisphere Networks; Joost Bonsen, MIT; Jim Kizielewicz, Kronos, Inc.

Award winners include:

Lifetime Achievement
Ray Ozzie
Chairman and CEO, Groove Networks

Ray Ozzie has made a career out of creating software to revolutionize the way people work and interact. The famed architect of Lotus Notes, and now the visionary behind Groove Networks, Ozzie's ability to "think differently" has made him a true technology pioneer. In the early 1980's when the high-tech industry was focused on "personal" computing, Ozzie's vision of groups of individuals utilizing PCs to communicate and collaborate led to the creation of Lotus Notes - the defining groupware product used by more than 80 million people worldwide. Similarly, in the late 90s, when most of the industry was focused on the centralized publish-and-subscribe model of the Internet, Ozzie developed Groove, a software platform that takes a decentralized approach to collaboration, ultimately bringing us closer to Tim Berners-Lee's original vision of a two-way "semantic web." Ozzie's ability to think differently combined with his instinct for predicting what's to come have kept him consistently ahead of the curve.

CEO of the Year
James Dolce
President & CEO, Unisphere Networks

James Dolce was sited for his passion, business savvy and strong leadership skills, which have contributed to the company’s success amidst an uncertain economy. Westford-based Unisphere Networks, a leading provider of carrier-grade IP networking solutions to enable data, voice and rich media services, has more than 150 service provider customers in 30 countries worldwide.

Company of the Year
Kronos, Inc.
Kronos has experienced steady success through the years and positioned itself as a leader in both business and technology. Kronos was founded 25 years ago – and has been public for the past 10 years. They have virtually an unmatched track record of revenue growth and profitability focusing on improving the performance of people and business.

Most Innovative Company
Upromise, Inc.
Upromise is addressing the growing problem of saving for college and using innovative technology and sophisticated marketing to help solve the issue. Upromise offers a free web-based service with more the 75,000 retail locations that will contribute a percentage back on everyday family purchases. Savings are tracked automatically through credit, debit and loyalty cards that members enter into their accounts.

Entrepreneur of the Year
Steve Papa
CEO and Founder, Endeca

Steve Papa has managed to guide his company to grow and thrive despite a stormy business climate. Papa saw an opportunity to go beyond existing search engine technology and create a more powerful technology that helped users search, navigate and analyze enterprise data. He has assembled a diverse team of scientists and professionals to support this vision and has grown his customer base to include two of the five largest asset management companies, two of the top five B2C e-tailers and a $10 billion B2B components.

Contribution to Society
Robin Regensburg
Managing Director, RainCastle Communications

Robin has used technology to give back to the community by donating time, resources and/or funding. Regensburg has been an active supporter of the Second Step, a non-profit organization providing support and housing for victims of domestic abuse. Additionally she has donated RainCastle’s services to create, pro-bono, a new website serving as a resource for donors, government, social organizations and volunteers.

Unsung Hero
Joost Bonsen
Venture catalyst, MIT

Joost Bonsen won for his consistent hard work – though often hidden from the public eye - has been essential to the success many companies. Bonsen plays a major – if not understated role – in the Massachusetts entrepreneurial community. He was an undergraduate student at MIT and after several positions in the industry returned to the Sloan School’s management of technology program. Bonsen is one of the founders of the MIT 50K business plan competition (then 10K) and hosts Muddy Mondays - a networking event at MIT’s student pub. He is the host of “Tech Fever”, a Cambridge cable television focusing on area entrepreneurship and technology.

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