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Volkswagen TDI Technology
Volkswagen leads the way in diesel technology

The fact is, gas prices are spiralling out of control, and today’s new car shopper is more concerned than ever about fuel efficiency. Though automakers are readily advancing the gasoline engine to deliver better mileage and performance, interest continues to grow in alternative engines and drive systems that promise unbeatably low fuel consumption.
A popular alternative for many Canadian shoppers is the diesel engine. And when it comes to diesel power, Volkswagen is a world leader. The German automaker has been building and marketing ‘TDI’ vehicles for decades, which are noted around the globe for exceptional mileage, refinement and reliability.
TDI stands for Turbocharged Direct Injection. It’s an age-old recipe for diesel performance and efficiency that has been honed and improved over the years, though the basic concept has remained the same to this day. Volkswagen TDI powerplants utilize a turbocharger to boost engine power and volumetric efficiency on-demand. The turbocharger smoothly engages a strong, surging ‘boost’ of power when required, effectively helping the engine to burn more fuel and create more torque. When its assistance isn’t required, the turbocharger remains idle, and the small-displacement engine is left to sip on the fuel.
Rather than using a bigger, thirstier and heavier diesel engine, a smaller turbocharged unit delivers the same performance levels when required, and considerably better mileage when it’s not needed.
The “Turbo” is the “T” in TDI, but it’s only half of the equation. The other important technology at play is Direct Injection, which uses high-precision Piezo-electric fuel injectors mounted inside of the combustion chamber. The latest advances in Direct Injection technology allow engineers to create an ideal atmosphere for efficient combustion through ultra-precise control of the cylinder fuelling process.
TDI technology allows for the maximum possible extraction of energy from every molecule of diesel burned. And note that diesel contains about 30 percent more energy per unit than gasoline. No wonder your favourite TDI model can go over 1,100 kilometres on a single tank of fuel!
Other benefits of choosing a TDI engine for your next Volkswagen vehicle? There are many. First off, the latest advances in Piezo-electric injector technology mean the TDI engine runs quieter and more smoothly than ever. Many test-drivers are surprised at the overall refinement, which is on par with a gasoline engine.
In fact, a panel of Canadian automotive experts recently rated the Jetta TDI’s engine higher in terms of smoothness and quietness that several key gas-powered competitors from Suzuki and Hyundai.
Cleanliness is another key benefit of TDI technology. Today’s diesel fuel is cleaner than ever, allowing modern diesel engines to employ various clean technologies for performance that is as green as it is efficient. With virtually no sooty emissions and a tremendous reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions enabled by Volkswagen’s AdBlue system, your investment in TDI technology is an ecologically responsible one.
Add in the high torque output inherent in diesel engines and Volkswagen’s available Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) transmission technology and you have a powertrain that is ready to deliver high-refinement driving thrills with minimal stops to refuel.
Stop in for a test-drive of the latest TDI-equipped Volkswagen models, which include the Jetta, Golf, Passat and Touareg, today.

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