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May 2012
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Pet Must-Haves: Toys, Leashes and More
These items will help make your life easier.

Ready to bring a cuddly ball of fur into your life? Whether you are adopting a dog, cat or other pet, it’s important to be well prepared before you bring your new pet home. Here are six of the top pet must-haves to put on your list.
Spot and stain remover
Accidents usually happen as you are training your dog or kitten. Make sure you clean up the mess quickly and use a product that will remove the odor. You don’t want your animal to be attracted back to that area thinking it’s okay to use for elimination. Keep it clean and odor free.

Safe toys
Your puppy will enjoy chasing after toys that bounce and roll. Likewise, kittens love to bat small, jingly balls and paw at feathers dangled from a stick. When choosing a good toy, make sure it’s free of toxic materials and coatings like fire retardants or stain guard. Also look for any possibility of choking hazards or toys that could trap your pet.

Pet insurance
There are plans out there that provide coverage if your pet suffers an accident, injury or illness. Before making a decision, thoroughly research and compare plans to make sure you are getting adequate coverage for your pet. One thing you want to look for is continual coverage for chronic diseases. As a starting point for pet insurance plans, visit www.petinsurance.com.

Invest in a crate
Training your puppy may be easier with a crate. Dogs have a natural caving instinct and will generally avoid making a mess in a confined space. This will allow you to train them to wait to go to the bathroom until they're outside. The crate will also help establish a routine. Visit www.aspcabehavior.org/articles/3/House-Training-Your-Adult-Dog.aspx for more information.

Food and treats
You might have to try some different foods to find out which your pet prefers. Some varieties on the market offer more nutrition than others. Read through the product list or ask your vet to recommend the best choice. Also make sure that you provide your pet with plenty of fresh, clean water.

Flea Medication
Don’t let your pet suffer from fleas. There are many products on the market that can keep your pet itch-free: flea collars, flea baths and topical products. You can also get oral flea preventive medicine from your vet. This type of product prevents eggs from maturing into adult fleas. Visit www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=589 to learn more about flea medication.

There are many other items to buy: collars, grooming supplies, beds, gates, doors, feeding dishes, scratching posts and more. Explore your local pet store for a variety of options.


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