July 2005 Volume 2 Issue 13  

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With Maxxis’ Support, the Bikes Belong Coalition Works for Cyclists
Doug Blackwell Is On Track with the GNCC
Maxxis Riders Take World Cup Titles
A Rock Crawling Beast Is Bigger Than Ever
Maxxis Sweeps ESPN Great Outdoor Games ATV 4-Wheel Frenzy

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Doug Blackwell Is On Track with the GNCC
Doug Blackwell is new to Maxxis’ motorcycle sponsorship roster, but that doesn’t mean that he’s new to racing. Blackwell, 34, has been competing in GNCC races since 1989.

He’s had some great results this year, with a third place spot on the podium at the John Penton in May and a fifth place finish at the Wisp in late June. Even during the current GNCC summer break, Blackwell is keeping his skills sharp by racing in the National Hare Scrambles as well as local and regional events. (He has an excellent track record with the Hare Scrambles, having won the overall series in 1998 and 1999.)

He plans to compete in the four remaining GNCC races of the year. “I’m really looking forward to it,” he told MaxxDaddy. “Things are going in the right direction, and I’m always looking forward to the latter half of the season. I’m feeling really strong physically and mentally.”

Blackwell’s drive to race is linked to his love for the outdoors – when he isn’t riding professionally, he loves riding motorcycles for fun, as well as camping, white water rafting, and other active sports that will let him get close to nature.

But as much as he loves his sport and the outdoors, Blackwell says it’s actually the people involved who keep him coming back for more: “I’ve just met so many great people and seen so many great places, and without racing, I would not have had that opportunity.”

Blackwell still lives in his native Parkersburg, West Virginia, where he trains on his MaxxCross SI’s for both front and rear – the same tires he uses for racing. “Those tires work good everywhere. They work so well in so many different types of terrain that by running the same tires everywhere, I know exactly how my bike will perform in any conditions. They’re very reliable,” he told MaxxDaddy.

He feels optimistic about bike racing overall: “I’ve been at it so long…Definitely racing has gotten a lot better. Change is good, and racing is moving in the right direction. For the most part, all the changes have been for the better and in a positive direction for our sport.” Blackwell has good reason to feel optimistic about his personal life as well: he recently became engaged.

Maxxis is proud to sponsor Doug Blackwell, a veteran racer who has what it takes to shine on the GNCC circuit.

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