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Friday, May 30, 2008 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 5  
Increase Market Share with Customer Intelligence
Language Weaver and empolis Integrate Automated Translation Capabilities
Recently Published: TAUS Report on Language Weaver
Localization World Berlin Preconference: June 9, 2008
In the Halls of Language Weaver....
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Recently Published: TAUS Report on Language Weaver

This report gives an in-depth analysis of one of the premier suppliers of statistical machine translation technology, including user experiences from some of the early adopters. This 25 page report is valuable for anyone considering the use of MT for hybrid translation production or to provide real-time translation of customer support information. In this series of technology focus reports TAUS will also cover the Microsoft and IBM MT solutions in the coming months.

To access Language Weaver Report by TAUS,
click here.

*Report is available for subscribers on the TAUS Member portal

Report Table of Contents

1. Summary

2. Setting the scene

3. Language Weaver: the company

  • Behind the name
  • Company equity
  • People
  • IP assets

4. The target market

5. The competitive environment

  • The future of the SMT space
  • Open source

6. Language Weaverís technology: an overview

  • SMT components

7. Language resources

  • Sources of language data
  • Language Weaverís available language pairs (Q1 2008)
  • Differential quality of language pairs
  • Major and minor languages
  • Data domains
  • Data quality
  • From data -driven to syntax-based SMT

8. Customizing the translation engine

  • Language Weaver baseline systems
  • The Language Weaver Customizer tool
  • The customization process in detail
  • Repeat customization

9. Productivity evaluation

  • With post-editing
  • Quality metrics

10. Pricing

  • Calculating ROI

11. User cases

12. Language Weaverís development and business roadmap


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