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Monday, December 12, 2016VOLUME 12 ISSUE 50
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Cummins Issues New CES 20087 Registered Oils List and Updates CES 20086 List

In the August 15, 2016 issue of the OEM/Lube News, we stated that inline with the forthcoming API CK-4 diesel engine category, Cummins has established two new standards, Cummins Engineering Standard [CE0 20086, which is an updated version of CJ-4 (CES 20081), and is recommended for all engines using Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and CES 20087 for diesel engines designed for a lower viscosity oil and only intended for use in certain newer on-highway diesel engines .

CES 20086 (CK-4) is going to be available in 10W-30 and 15W-40 formulations, as well as other traditional viscosity grades. It can be used as the normal fill and top-off on older engines, and will have a higher oxidation capacity, to handle the increased heat load in today's hotter-running engines. It will be the oil of choice for most Cummins engines.
CES 20087 (FA-4) is a new low-viscosity oil that has potential fuel-economy benefits, depending on duty cycle, but may not be compatible with all engines. FA-4 (CES 20087) will be offered primarily at the 10W-30 viscosity grade, with some 5W-30 formulations available in the near future. The FA-4's lower dynamic viscosity (how the oil performs at high temperature and shear) leads to thinner oil film thickness, and reduces friction within the engine (which can be significant at certain duty cycles), improving fuel economy by some margin. It is only intended for use in certain newer on-highway diesel engines. 
In the November 21, 2016 issue of the OEM/Lube News, we showed a story "Cummins Issues New CES 20086 Oils List"  Cummins has now updated that list.
"Additional ols will continue to be added to these lists as they are approved", Ryan Denton, Ph.D.,Lubricant Technical Specialist, Corporate Chemical Technology, Cummins Technical Center, Columbus, IN, told OEM/Lube News.
Please click here to view the updated list of CES 20086 registered oils and click here to view the list of CES 20087 registered ols.


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