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Monday, May 25, 2015   VOLUME 11 ISSUE 21  
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Lubrizol Announces SAE 0W-16 Ultra-Low Viscosity Additive, Lubrizol® PV1116

The Lubrizol Corporation last Wednesday announced its new Lubrizol® PV1116 additive solution for oil marketers seeking to establish leadership with higher-performance, fuel efficient lubricants. Lubrizol says that its advanced chemistry delivers fuel economy benefits beyond ultra-low viscosity (ULV), and its availability offers the company the opportunity to lead in this important new market space.

OEMs strive for increased fuel efficiency without compromising durability and protection-and ULV lubricants are critical in achieving those goals. According to the company, the development of PV1116 is a direct result of the company's ability to anticipate market needs and its commitment to driving the industry forward toward advanced, higher-performance lubricants that contribute to unprecedented fuel economy gains.

"Through its continued market engagement and dedicated product development, Lubrizol is able to identify market needs and offer oil marketers the chance to lead in the ULV space," says Jon Vilardo, Lubrizol product manager, Engine Oils. "We are the first in the industry with this sort of technology, and it's an important step toward the advanced, higher-performance lubricants that modern fuel efficient engines require."

Lubrizol PV1116 delivers:

Enhanced friction control
Uncompromising engine durability and catalyst protection through HyperZDP(TM) technology
Superior cleanliness and greater turbocharger protection
Compatibility with ethanol blended fuels

ULVs inherently offer fuel economy benefits because of their ability to reduce friction within an engine, but PV1116 offers benefits beyond simple viscometrics, according to the company. It's a complete additive system that delivers the necessary friction control, durability and protection under wide-ranging engine duty cycles.

The proposed ILSAC GF-6 specification will include 0W-16 lubricants as part of the GF-6B split category. Lubrizol offers PV1116 ahead of this specification, demonstrating capabilities for a market where ULVs will be commonplace. With this new product and others to come, Lubrizol extends that readiness and proven technical expertise to its customers, says the company.

On November 12, 2014, Lubrizol announced the introduction of its series of efficient additives for SAE 0W-16 ultra-low viscosity (ULV) lubricants, with Lubrizol® PV1016, the first product in Lubrizol's SAE 0W-16 series.

Vilardo told OEM/Lube News "The first product in Lubrizol’s SAE 0W-16 series, Lubrizol® PV1016 supports API SN licensable lubricants and enables fuel economy. With the introduction of PV1016 in 2014, Lubrizol offered the necessary protective benefits for SAE 0W-16 lubricants without sacrificing performance and fuel economy. PV1016 takes advantage of the inherent fuel economy benefits of a lower 0W-16 viscosity lubricant and provides the robust protection modern, fuel-efficient engine technology requires. PV1016 meets and exceeds API SN performance and is formulated with Lubrizol’s patented HyperZDP system for phosphorus retention and 3-way catalyst protection, benefiting long-term emissions reduction."

"Building on the success of PV1016, Lubrizol has now launched Lubrizol® PV1116 which combines all the features and benefits of PV1016 along with E85 emulsion retention and additional additive technology to deliver enhanced fuel economy above and beyond the benefits of lower 0W-16 viscosity grade. This is achieved with Lubrizol's surface active additive technology, and its ability to control friction when the fluid film gives out. Fuel economy is demonstrated in the industry recognized ILSAC Sequence VID engine test. As PV1116 builds from PV1016, the superior durability and catalyst protection remain," said Vilardo.

With headquarters in Wickliffe, Ohio, Lubrizol owns and operates manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, as well as sales and technical offices around the world. Founded in 1928, Lubrizol has approximately 8,000 employees worldwide. Revenues for 2014 were $7 billion.

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