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Digital Book: LubriTec Synthetic Lube XRef - ED 5
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Caterpillar Revises Its Machine Fluids Recommendations Bulletin

Caterpillar has revised its now 144 page Machine Fluids Recommendations Bulletin, now SEBU6250 (now Rev 19), last revised just three months ago, which covers Caterpillar's most current recommendations and specifications for lubricants, fuels and cooling system fluids for use in Caterpillar machines. The lubricant section alone is 69 pages in length.

These recommendations are for Caterpillar machines, such as those used in earthmoving and other off-highway applications, as well as forestry, mining, agriculture, and other applications. The Cat machines included in this bulletin include dozers, loaders, excavators, shovels, motor graders, scrapers, off-highway trucks, pipe layers, telehandlers, compactors, pavers, underground mining equipment, etc.

The fluids include those for use in Cat engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions/drive train, final drives, axles, differentials, hydrostatic transmissions, automatic transmissions, gears, and components requiring grease lubrication.

Caterpillar branded fluids are described in detail and are recommended for use "to increase the performance and life of Caterpillar components" as stated by Caterpillar in the brochure, although other commercially available oils meeting Caterpillar's requirements are allowed. The Caterpillar recommended oils and greases listed and described in detail include the following:

Cat DEO-ULS (Multigrade Diesel Engine Oil - Ultra Low Sulfur, API CJ-4)
Cat DEO-ULS SYN (Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil)
Cat DEO Cold Weather
Cat DEO (Multigrade Diesel Engine Oil, API CI-4/API CI-4 PLUS)
Cat MAEO Plus (Multi Application Engine Oil for Non-Cat mixed fleets)
Cat SAEO (Specific Application Engine Oil, API CF)
Cat DEO (SAE 40 for 3600 engines only, API CF)
Cat PCO (Precombustion Chamber Oil)
Cat TDTO (Transmission/Drive Train Oil)
Cat TDTO-TMS (Transmission/Drive Train Oil- Transmission Multi Season)
Cat TDTO Cold Weather
Cat FDAO (Final Drive and Axle Oil)
Cat GO (Gear Oil)
Cat Synthetic GO
Cat HYDO (Hydraulic) Advanced
Cat Bio HYDO Advanced (HEES)
Cat MTO (Multipurpose Tractor Oil)
Cat Multipurpose Grease
Cat Advanced 3Moly Grease
Cat Ultra 5Moly Grease
Cat Desert Gold Grease
Cat Cold Weather Platinum Grease
Cat Arctic Platinum Grease
Cat High Speed Ball Bearing Grease
Cat Marine Multipurpose Grease
Cat White Assembly Grease
Cat Hammer Paste

As eluded to above, when Caterpillar branded lubricants are not available, commercially available lubricants such as engine oils meeting API CJ-4 and Caterpillar's Engine Crankcase Fluid (ECF) specifications are allowed, the three current ones being ECF-1-a, ECF-2 and ECF-3. The ECF-3 provides the highest level of performance of the three, is preferred, and is required for use in non-road Tier 4 certified engines that are equipped with aftertreatment devices.

For other compartments, when Cat branded lubricants are not available, suitable commercially available lubricants are also allowed for lubrication of the other components and systems.

This bulletin includes tables showing specific lubricant recommendations and viscosities for various ambient temperatures for all compartments of all Caterpillar equipment, i.e., articulated trucks, backhoe loaders, excavators, front shovels, mass excavators, track material handlers, mini-hex, forestry equipment, motor graders, off highway trucks including 795F AC, paving equipment, pipe layers, skid steer, telehandlers, track type loaders, track type tractors, underground mining equipment, wheel excavators and wheel material handlers, wheel loaders, integrated toolcarriers, wheeled dozers, and wheeled compactors, wheel tractor scrapers, etc.

The bulletin also includes information on TBN, fuel sulfur levels, grease application charts (type of Cat grease by machine category), use of synthetic oils, use of re-refined oils, use of aftermarket oil additives, use of Biodiesel in Caterpillar engines, oil sampling intervals, determining optimum change intervals, and information on exhaust aftertreatment fluids, coolants and fuels.

To view the complete SEBU6250-18 in pdf format please click here:

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