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News Sponsored by ExxonMobil Chemical
News Sponsored by ExxonMobil Chemical
Digital Book: LubriTec Synthetic Lube XRef
Digital Book: LubriTec Synthetic Lube XRef
ExxonMobil Dropping Exxon Industrial Lubricant Line

March 19, 2007, In a letter to its distributors dated March 15, 2007, ExxonMobil's Lubricants & Petroleum Specialties Company has announced that beginning mid-year 2007, it will reposition the industrial line of business to the single brand of Mobil products. 
ExxonMobil has grouped the Exxon industrial products into the following categories:
Products in this category will undergo a label change, moving from Exxon labels to Mobil labels and a package change, from Exxon packages to Mobil packages, but the product names, formulations and material codes will remain the same. Products in this category include Beacon 325; Fenso 51; Nuto H 32, 46, 68, 100; Teresstic 32, 46, 68, 77, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460; Unirex EP 2; Unirex N 2 & 3; Univis HVI 13 & 26; Univis N 32 & 46; and Univolt N 61 B.  The transaction to Mobil is targeted to begin June 1, 2007.
Products in this category will retain their formulations, but to enable rebranding to Mobil, these products have been assigned new names and new material codes. Products in this category include Enmist EP 460, Exxon Sawguide Oil 100, Exxon System Cleaner, Kutwell 40, Univis Special 32, Univis Special Mist EP 220 and Blast Furnace Greeen Grease products. The new Mobil names of these products, respectively, will be Mobilgear MS 460 LT, Mobil Sawguide Oil 100, Mobil System Cleaner, Mobilcut 102, Wyrol H 32, Wyrol BG 220, and Mobil SHC Grease 68 LT. The transaction to the new Mobil names is targeted to begin June 1, 2007.
The majority of products in this category will be replaced by new or existing Mobil products. Products in this category include Exxon Sawguide Oil 150, Faxam 22, Febis K 32, Febis K 68, Febis K 220, Kutwell 82, Teresstic GT 32, Teresstic GT 46, Teresstic GTC 32, Teresstic M 32 HTTeresstic N 150, Teresstic N 220, Teresstic N 320, Beacon P 290, and Forum EP 46. These Exxon lubricants will be replaced, respectively, by Mobil Sawguide Oil 100, Mobiltherm 603, Mobil Vactra No. 1, Mobil Vacuoline 1409, Mobil Vacuoline 1419, Mobilcut 231, Mobil DTE 732, Mobil DTE 746, Mobil DTE 832, Mobil DTE 732, Mobil DTE PM 150, Mobil DTE PM 220, Mobil DTE PM 320, with no direct replacement for the last two mentioned Exxon lubricants. The transaction to the new Mobil products is targeted to begin June 1, 2007.
No Brand Change
Branding for these products will not change. Any Exxon products not listed in one of the above categories will remain in the product offer without a change in branding. The most notable products in this category are the Humble Hydraulic H Series of hydraulic fluids.
With this change, Mobil has stated that pricing of these products are subject to future pricing action as dictated by market conditions. Also, during this transition, distributors should be aware they will likely be handling some Exxon and Mobil branded packages of these products at the same time.
The company will debut a new Mobil Industrial Lubricant website at  


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