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Friday, February 12, 2016 Special Fiji Flood Issue   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 10  
The Chaos of the Storm
Notes from Vuniwai
Fundraising Helps Schools, Children, Flood Victims
Damage will take years to Repair
Loloma Team in Middle of Fiji's Worst Flooding
We Need your Donation!
Contact the Loloma Foundation
Yasawa Islands 2009 Team T-Shirt Now Available
Loloma Rumage Sales----"Fiji Style"
What does your Donation Buy?

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Loloma Team in Middle of Fiji's Worst Flooding
by Bob Sykes

On January 8th members from the Loloma Foundation 2009 team began arriving in Fiji to  clear our container through customs and prepare for the arrival of the rest of the group that would number 14 for the Loloma Foundation's first medical mission in 2009.  They did not expect the nearly five feet of rain and devastating floods that were to meet them.
The Chaos of the Storm
Notes from the edge of the world
by Linda Kwasny

Things have been challenging here.  The weather has been horrendous.  We arrived to have a tropical depression dump 5 feet of rain on Nadi.  It took 6 hours for me to get to Nausori.  Lance arrived later.  Yesterday, Phil came in and it took them 11 hours to get to Suva.  There is another tropical depression that is slated to hit the western side which is the Yasawa group.
Notes from Vuniwai
Medical Director describes the first week of trip
by Dr. P. Lance Hendricks

The rain stopped yesterday. We almost didn't get out of Nadi to Suva last weekend. I was to give a resuscitation talk on Tavarua last Saturday but we couldn't get out to the island. We started the conference at the Westin Hotel in Denarau in the Nadi area. Saiyad (Tavarua Taxis) drove me to the hotel but had to send one of the large local buses with a snorkel to get back across the road flooded by the Nadi river. The river was chest high and flowing heavily. It took over an hour to go the three kilometers! The flights to Suva that evening were canceled but I managed to get to Suva the next morning in time to meet Linda and Beato and Joseph.

Damage will take years to Repair
Loloma's long time partner describes flood situation
by Sister Patricia McLaughlin

 Where to start?  Damage to roads will take years to repair,it is so bad in the West that many people will not be able to return to their homes,schools or place of work because of the condition to roads.

Fundraising Helps Schools, Children, Flood Victims
Rummage Sales Raise Needed Relief Funds
by Allison Batlin

We are currently in Suva and have finished the first rummage sale with Sister Patricia.  All went very good.  20% went to flood victims in Yasawa Islands for purchasing food as all crops have been ruined and they are without any food to speak of.  40% went to flooring the basement of the church and 40% went to school fees for those who would otherwise not be able to attend.  We raised over $6000 Fijian dollars.  Tomorrow we start Beato's 2 day sale, 20% again going to flood victims' food, 80% going to completing the library.

"Heard on the Coconut Telegraph"

Yasawa Islands 2009 Team T-Shirt Now Available
Visit the Loloma Store

Send a gift that gives to the people of Fiji, a Loloma Mug, teeshirt or ball cap.
Visit the
Loloma Store and every purchase you make goes to help our efforts in Fiji and the South Pacific.

Contact the Loloma Foundation
Please contact us with any questions you may have. We need your donations of medicine, equipemnt, school supplies, or clothing. Especially, we need cash to acquire materials, and cover shipping costs. Every little bit helps.
We Need your Donation!
Help Us Help The Victims of Fiji's Disaster

Linda Kwasny and friend unpacking supplies in Suva

We urgently need your donation of money for the flood relief effort

On Jan 21st I recieved this urgent request from Loloma Board member Allison Batlin in the Yawaswa Islands:

We . . . have completed our first distribution of food.  Things are very bad as several villages are  completely without food.  We were able to buy $2000 Fijian in food to distribute and have donated an additional $1000 Fijian to buy more.  Loloma is acting as a first relief responder in buying and distributing food.  Their crops are flooded, rotting, and ruined. $50 US will feed a family of 4 for 2 months.  It will take 6 to 8   months for crops to return.

Dysentery is beginning in the villages now as the water is contaminated.  The owners of Navutu Stars are just now beginning to hear of the devastation on other islands surrounding them.  We will begin to do clinics tomorrow but will not go to the villages for a couple more days due to the conditions. 

 Whatever you can donate at: will make a significant difference.

What does your Donation Buy?
--Photo Allison Batlin $10.00 Will buy enough pencils to stock a rural primary school in Fiji for all children for half a school year
$25.00 Will buy enough notebooks to stock a rural primary school in Fiji for all children for half a school year
$50.00 Will purchase enough topical antibiotics for one nursing station for 1 month.
$100.00 Will purchase 100 double walled boxes for clinic delivery
$500.00 Will purchase one case of bandaids
$1,000.00 Will purchase a case of bandages
$5,000.00 Will pay for the cost of shipping one 20 ft. container full of medical supplies

Loloma Rumage Sales----"Fiji Style"
Why a Rummage Sale??
by Bob Sykes

We utilize rummage sales to finance sustainability projects within villages. When the Loloma Foundation was first formed we would bring huge amounts of clothing to a village and give them away.
As part of our “learning curve” we realized we were creating a “welfare state.” In order to help empower the villagers we created the “Loloma Rummage Sale.”Items are purchased at a very low cost and all funds go toward a village project.

Published by Bob Sykes
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