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It’s a huge month for new products in our range with new bedroom designs, plain dye percale sheeting colours, beach towels & much more featured in story 1. With so many new items to see & feel, the remainder of August & September are great months to party – you & your friends might even like to get a jump-start on your Christmas shopping! Let us know if you like what you see here & we’ll put you in touch with your local consultant.

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Beautiful linen for every room, every day
Beautiful linen for every room, every day

There’s something for every room of your home with the latest collection of new linen and accessories.

For the Adult Bedroom

The beautiful Carla, with its distinctive colour palette of black, silver grey and purple, has been an instant hit with our linen lovers!  Rich and elaborate, the elegant and regal Carla features a luxurious look and feel using a classic combination of superb jacquards, velvet and contrasting black flocking.

Available in Queen & King Quilt Cover Set (comprising quilt cover & 2 pillowcases), Euro Pillowcase and 2 cushion covers.

Breanna  (pictured above)
The beautiful Breanna is dedicated to the fine art of embroidery, superbly skilled needlework that brings intricate, highly detailed patterns to life with shape, form and colour. Such embroidery is displayed to perfection on the classic black, white and silver background of Breanna, the exquisite floral tributes shown in beautiful contrast against black panels and ribbon trim. A dramatic design with a modern look.

Available in Queen & King Quilt Cover Set (comprising quilt cover & 2 pillowcases), Euro Pillowcase & Cushion Cover.

Modern and stylish while displaying a timeless elegance, Quantum showcases a beautiful combination of textures and shapes with an array of geometric patterned, embroidered panels, soft pleating and stitched trims. Colours of black, dove grey and white enhance the contemporary design that’s suitable for all seasons.

Available in Single, Double, Queen & King Quilt Cover Set (comprising quilt cover & 2 pillowcase/s), Euro Pillowcase and 2 Cushion Covers.

For Kids & Teens

Back Seat Buddy Storage Bag
Brightly coloured, compact and versatile, the Back Seat Buddy (32 x 34 cm) features mesh and zipped compartments inside and also folds out to a work station for writing, drawing and games. A strap with Velcro fastening allows for the case to be hung over the front car seat and a small strap handle means the case can be carried wherever it is needed. Ideal to keep the kids amused on boring car trips, perfect for kindergarten or school, and a great idea for overnight stays, the Back Seat Buddy is the ideal kids’ companion.

Faithful (pictured above)  
A dramatic design that is certain to appeal to many teenage girls, Faithful features a distinctive theme of hearts and roses. Set against a background print of black and purple/grey, luminous pink roses and green leaves surround a vibrant pink heart encased with a ‘faithful’ banner. A blue and red bird flies through the night skies adding extra colour and interest to this exotic design. 

Available in Single, Double & Queen Quilt Cover Set (comprising quilt cover & 2 pillowcase/s), & Towel.

For the Kitchen/Dining Room

Index Chopping Boards
Made from food-safe polypropylene, the Index chopping boards are colour coded for safe and hygienic food preparation. Fish, vegetables, raw meat and cooked food can be dealt with safely and separately by using the appropriately coloured board. Dishwasher safe, the 4 boards are housed in a convenient storage case with a nonslip base.

Miki (pictured above)   
A very elegant dining option, the Miki tablecloth features a striking combination of decorative floral and abstract panels, a design influenced by delicate images displayed on ancient Asian porcelain. Perfect for formal dining, Miki will blend beautifully with either modern or a more traditional décor, providing a stylish setting for functions, family or friends.

Available in 3 sizes of Tablecloth.

For the Living Room

Cascade (pictured above)
Create a winter wonderland of warmth for your home with the beautiful Cascade decorator range. Featuring a superb rib that provides the design with a softly rippled appearance, the versatile Cascade Throw Rug and Cushion Cover have a silky and luxurious feel that offer cosy comfort with a sleek, smooth texture. The perfect accessory range to add an elegant touch for lounge and bedroom areas.

Exotic and unusual, the beautifully textured Zulu range will add a distinctive and exciting look to the home. The dark faux fur base is cleverly accented with lighter tufts of feathery fur, providing dramatic highlights that create a range with striking texture and pattern. The Zulu Throw Rug and Cushion Cover will add a sense of lavish style and comfort to the home and is a perfect accessory for lounge and bedroom areas.

How would this collection look in your home? Take a look at the rest of our range or get in touch to take a closer look at your place.



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