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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 Issue 3   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3  
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Disaster Management When the Power Goes Out

Scented cookouts and Labor Day parades have passed and kids are returned to their classrooms. Summer may be officially winding down...but storm season is far from over.

Especially for those who live in the Gulf Coast regions of our country. Historically, primetime for Hurricane season is mid-August to mid-September. In 2004, Florida became "Home of the Hurricanes" in more places than Miami. Several major storms crossed the state making Home Depot an almost weekly stop for residents stocking up on flashlight batteries, generators and plywood. Even areas well off the coast had blue tarps stretched across rooftops for many months.

Perhaps the forgotten heroes in the aftermath, were the hard hat specialists working for power companies. Armies of trucks worked their way into the hardest hit communities arriving from across the country. Their coordinated efforts were vital. In 2008, Hurricane Ike struck the Galveston and Houston area and found more than 2-million without power. Hundreds from the local power company were said to have ridden out the storm in company command centers, ready to respond.

In the August Live Response, a panel of experts discussed the threats that can disable our power grids, from hurricanes to snow and ice storms...even cyber attacks; and how best to mitigate those risks.

These hard hat heroes who work to restore electricity to hospitals, water treatment facilities and to people like us who fully appreciate having electric in our homes...cannot do it alone. Police, fire, health care, power companies and public officials all have to work together when disaster strikes. It's a common theme, but without proper training, it's one that could cost lives - a price too high to pay. To view the broadcast, go to our ARCHIVES, click on August 25, 2010.

Who Pulled The Plug?

In 2003, there was a massive widespread power outage that became known as the Northeast Blackout.


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