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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 Issue 3   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3  
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In September, we take a look back at two of the most watched programs of 2009. You'll see edited highlights of the November presentation titled, "Pandemic Flu Outbreak - Preparedness and Response," and December's show presenting the "Minnesota Bridge Collapse: A City Responds." Estimates in 2009 stated 90-million U.S. citizens would soon be affected by the disease. Is it still something to fear - or, is H1N1 truly a historical footnote in 2010? The Bridge Collapse program looks back on one of the most dramatic rescue efforts in our nation's history. We'll also provide important updates on the Training Needs Assessment Project (T-NAP).

October Live Response will be a special edition episode providing new information on the Gulf Oil Spill. The program's focus will be on lessons learned for First Responders. Included will be links to valuable training, and interviews with scientists, environmental representatives and responders who lived through the recent Deep Horizon Oil Spill incident of 2010. Be sure to tune-in for this important update!


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