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July 2012
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Spring Loyalty Award
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Changes on the Horizon for Lexus
New design features and advanced performance offer drivers more excitement.

The head of Lexus, Kiyotaka Ise, goes into detail about what Lexus owners can anticipate from the brand in the upcoming months. According to Ise, Lexus is moving towards a “progressive luxury” experience for Lexus owners. This is being achieved through more advanced technology as well as more aggressive design, and promises to bring even more driving excitement to all Lexus vehicles.
One of the most prominent features being added to the new Lexus appearance will be the spindle grille. Ise explains that previously, although Lexus vehicles were easy to recognize, they lacked a certain visual presence: “Instant visual recognition…is the reason behind our spindle grill – a prominent feature of the new GS, LX and LF-LC Coupe concept.” The new grille gives Lexus models a bold look combined with the brand’s sophisticated elegance. Every new Lexus model will have the spindle grille, each model showcasing its own interpretation to define that model’s individuality.
Additionally, new Lexus models will also boast a sharper body language that will reflect their driver-oriented focus. Each model’s personality will be defined through details such as the front and rear lights, with noticeable style developments in the headlamps.
This evolution in the Lexus brand will not only be reflected in exterior design, but in performance as well. “We’ll also be concentrating on emotional driving pleasure and advanced technology. The intention is to make the driver and car feel as one,” said Ise. The GS is a perfect example of this marriage of luxurious practicality to precise agility.
Lexus owners can expect these significant changes on several models over the next 14 months; some changes have already started with the LFA, the new GS and the LF-LC concept.
Ise expressed his hopes that Lexus owners truly embrace these new changes: “They are our primary motivation. If customers appreciate a car, then it’s a good car. If they don’t, it isn’t. Our customers determine whether or not it’s good. We also strive to offer something beyond their expectations – the first generation of LS and RS are good examples – and we have more innovations in the pipeline.”


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