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“Here in our 7th year working with Leapfrog on our Global Leadership Program, we are truly grateful for your contributions. Each year’s participants have rated your simulation as a highlight of the eight day curriculum. Our partnership with you is ideal – you perform in a seamless, transparent manner that brings the curriculum content to life in a totally different way – allowing the participants to fully realize the learning that we desire."

Jeff Peris
Chief Learning Officer

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Dynamic Duo
Here’s a quick icebreaker activity to energize folks around the conference table, or, perhaps, holiday dinner table.
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Doing Good Work with Wyeth
Building leaders and teams while re-building a Community Garden

After passing the impressive New Jersey State House, the bus eventually weaves its way through the deteriorated streets of Trenton and arrives at its destination.  It’s October 22nd and 35 high potential leaders from Wyeth step off the bus and are greeted by others who have already arrived at The Academy Street Garden.  Present are:
  • Representatives from Isles (www.isles.org), a nationally recognized nonprofit community development and environmental organization with the mission to foster more self-reliant families in healthy, sustainable communities;
  • Twelve students from YouthBuild http://www.youthbuild.org/ who are learning construction and life skills by building affordable housing for homeless and low-income people; and
  • Individuals from Wyeth’s Corporate Learning Center and Facilities Management Department, Linkage, Inc.(http://www.linkageinc.com), a global organization development company, Trenton’s landscape architect, supervisors from A-L Landscaping and last but not least, the Academy Street resident gardeners.
And Leapfrog is extremely proud to have been there too.  By working together, this collective group created an oasis for local gatherings, as well as a garden, that will be nurtured by neighborhood families and will yield a harvest to be shared throughout the surrounding neighborhoods.

For the past seven years, Leapfrog has played a key role on the Teambuilding day, part of an 8-day leadership curriculum for Wyeth’s Global Leadership Program.  For the second year in a row, Leapfrog has participated in creating a community service experience that brings to life the 360 feedback tool that Wyeth’s leaders use to enhance their leadership competencies; emphasizing collaboration and teamwork, participants experience leadership in an entirely different way than they do at work.  One participant said:  “It gives me an opportunity not to just learn about leadership, but to put leadership into action with individuals of diverse backgrounds and experiences.”

Like the way all big projects should be tackled, work was broken into smaller doable bits.  In a fun, energizing session the prior evening, Wyeth leader participants competed as teams to select and emotionally commit to achieving the goals spelled out on various “project cards” that became their team’s work assignments the next day.  
Exhausted and elated at the end of the "Teambuilding" day on the bus ride back, everyone was absolutely amazed that in eight short hours, the old garden areas were cleared, ten raised planting beds were rebuilt and planted, a storage shed and pavilion were constructed and picnic tables and a brick entranceway to the garden were installed. 

Jeff Peris, Wyeth’s Chief Learning Officer, marveled at the power of this type of experience: “Participant comments following last year's Community Service project and this year's can be summed up with one I’ll long remember: ‘This wasn’t just the best Leadership Development and Teambuilding experience I’ve had…it was one of the most remarkable days of my career!'  Thank you for this opportunity to demonstrate leadership in action.”
When you realize the impact made personally on participants and in parallel the greater community,  it’s no wonder why Wyeth and Leapfrog have plans underway already for another Community Service project next year. 


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