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Summer 2004   Sunday, November 29, 2015 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2  
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Dick Eaton Joins CEO Summit on Leading Change
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Stress Test
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Brief Case #1 Tyco: Building A Unified World-Class Global Finance Team
Brief Case #2 John Hancock: Becoming a Gold Medal Team
Client Quote

“We are in the early stages of building a unified world-class global finance team at Tyco. Your session definitely moved us in the right direction, demonstrating the importance of working together as a team. It was as fun as it was effective!"

Dave Fitzpatrick,
Chief Financial Officer
Tyco International

"We've worked closely with Leapfrog since 1996 because they help us get the results we need from our people. As we have trained our Olympic volunteer teams, Leapfrog continues to impress me with their creativity and flexibility."

John Touchette,
General Director of Meeting Management
John Hancock Financial Services

Try This At Home
Here’s a script for a fun energizer we fondly call “Toothpaste”.
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Stress Test

Thanks to one of our friends, Bern Terry from Lifeline Systems, for contributing this to Fresh Ideas At Work.

The photo used in this test has two almost identical dolphins in it.  It was used in research to assess stress levels. 

Look carefully at both dolphins jumping out of the water. The dolphins appear identical.

A closely monitored, scientific study of a group of adults (18-58 yrs) revealed that in spite of the fact that the dolphins are virtually clones, a person under stress would see differences between the two dolphins. If there seem to be many differences between the dolphins, the person seeing them is experiencing a great amount of stress.

Look at the photograph.  If you find more than three differences, you really need a change of pace!

Click here to see photo: http://www.teamdevelopment.com/dolphin-test.htm


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