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September 2014
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Vehicle Profile: 2014 Toyota Prius
The world’s best-selling hybrid vehicle

Photo: 2014 Toyota Prius
With competition as tight as it is, becoming – or remaining – the best at anything is especially difficult these days. Try as they might, however, no automaker has been able to dethrone the Toyota Prius from the top of the hybrid market.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Toyota RAV4
Toyota dependability coupled with surprising versatility

Photo: 2014 Toyota RAV4
One of the original small crossovers, the Toyota RAV4, available here at Kolosso Toyota in Appleton, Wisconsin, balances everyday drivability and functionality with impressive all-weather capability and cabin space in a way that has made it a perennial driver favorite.

Five Charming Inns and B&Bs in Minnesota and Wisconsin
Local hospitality is the name of the game

It can be as large as a mansion, or as small as a cottage. Bed and breakfast inns come in many different sizes and themes in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Here are five to start with if you need a place to get away.

Weight Loss Myths Debunked
Lose these 'facts' In your quest to lose pounds

"Lose 10 pounds in a month." "Weight-loss secrets of the stars." "Fat-burning foods." You've seen these headlines and others on the covers of magazines; the world is filled with weight-loss advice, much of it questionable.

Five Stunning Arts & Photography Books
Books that instruct, delight and look great on your coffee table

Most "coffee table" books are chosen for double duty, as tools of education and tools of beauty. Most art and photography books fall in this category. Not only do we love curling up with these books and enjoying them, we also love to leave them sitting around the house, as beautiful objects in their own right. Here is a list of five stunning art and photography books that anyone would be proud to own.

Spice Up Your Life
Common kitchen spices with extraordinary reputations.

As the autumn season peeks around the corner, cravings for favorite fall treats like apple pie, gingersnap cookies and hearty stew may begin. You might not have to resist temptation as much as you think. Some goodies, among other favorite recipes bookmarked in your cookbooks, may contain spices that contribute to overall good health.

Tech Tips: Brake Terminology
What you need to know about brake components

Photo: Tech Tips: Brake Terminology
Many drivers don’t think much about their vehicle’s brakes unless they have trouble stopping. What does that squeaking, squealing or grinding really mean, though? The braking system is a complex collection of parts. Here’s a list of basic braking system components to help get you acclimated.

Car Care: Winter Tires
The right tire for the season.

Photo: Car Care: Winter Tires
The safety and handling capabilities of any car or truck ultimately stop where the rubber meets the road. Whether or not the winter months bring snowfall to your location, checking the condition of your tires should always be part of your automotive winterizing regimen.

Five Easy Green Beauty Swaps
Quick changes to your beauty cabinet to save time, money and your carbon footprint

Eliminate questions about some of your favorite commercial beauty products by switching to natural alternatives for your beauty routine. Consider these five easy green beauty swaps.

Five Gadgets for Back to School
Schools supplies are getting more and more sophisticated as the years go by

Going back to school can mean shopping for a variety of new clothes and school supplies such as pencils, notebooks and textbooks. It can also mean looking for interesting gadgets that are part of the educational experience and can aid in the challenges of school. Here are five gadgets to consider when doing some of your back-to-school shopping.

Family Night Unplugged
Turn off your electronic devices and have fun

What happens when your family has free time? Are you all engaged with your own electronic devices and not even saying a word to each other? While it can be fun to stay up-to-date with friends on Facebook, or keep a check on the latest news and emails, it can be even more fun if you rediscover the people living in your own home.

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