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April 2014
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Join the Muppets and drive the fabulous 2014 Toyota Highlander!
Ready for those with full lives and big plans! Seats up to eight!

The new 2014 Toyota Highlander with seating for up to eight, advanced luxury and stylish design, is eager to help you explore. 


Vehicle Profile: 2014 Toyota Sienna
Versatile and roomy, and one of the ď12 Best Family CarsĒ for 2014

Photo: 2014 Toyota Sienna
Every year, more than 100,000 families across the country drive home in a brand new Toyota Sienna Ė a testament to the comfort, safety, versatility and family-friendly nature of this award-winning minivan.

Five Places to See Beautiful Flowers in Minnesota and Wisconsin
Flowers do bloom in the Upper Midwest

Now that spring is finally here, enjoy the fringe benefits ó flowers. Here are five indoor and outdoor destinations in Minnesota and Wisconsin where you can appreciate the emerging beauty of spring.

Health Benefits of Massage
Massage puts the 'treat' in treatment

Massage therapy used to be a luxury for the rich and famous, but today more and more people are turning to this alternative medicine for relief from everything from joint pain to insomnia and anxiety disorders.

Children's Books Adults Can Enjoy
Check out these classic stories for the whole family

Adults sometimes look down on children's books as being too "immature" to be enjoyed by a grown man or woman. Even though this is true for the majority of kids' books, a few works stand out as either nostalgic, humorous or touching pieces of art.

How to Recycle Everything
A quick guide to ditching your stuff

Each year, thousands of items are thrown into trash piles and landfills, creating environmental headaches for future generations. Consider recycling or passing on your unwanted items to others who may have a need for them. Future generations will appreciate a cleaner environment, and others will appreciate receiving items they may need.

Outagamie County Master Gardeners Plant Sale
16th Annual Plant Sale on Saturday, May 17th!

Stop in at the Outagamie County Cooperative Extension Office and check it out!


Itís Car Care Month
April is the time to make sure your car is running right

Photo: Itís Car Care Month
Did you know that April is Car Care month? That means thereís no better time to take care of any lingering issues that may have crept up over a rough winter.

Converting a Home for Rental
What it takes to successfully rent your home

Converting your home to a rental property can be a great way to earn some extra income, but there are many factors to consider before bringing in tenants. You will need to modify your mortgage and insurance policy, research rental rates, plan for property management and maybe make some repairs or upgrades to your home.

Fun Facts about Administrative Professionals Day
Celebrate these important office personnel

Administrative professionals are the people who keep workplaces going. Secretaries, receptionists and clerks are all different types of administrative professionals. Without them, there would be no such thing as a stable company.

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