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May 2017


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BMW i - Hans Zimmer and the Road to Coachella

BMW i - Hans Zimmer and the Road to Coachella
Can an orchestra rock? Does a song exhilarate you the same way a TwinPower Turbo engine can? What happens when two icons of progress and innovation come together to deliver a unique live experience at Coachella?

Now on DriveLiveTV: The 2017 BMW 340i Sedan

The iconic 2017 BMW 340i Sedan checks off all the right boxes if you demand design excellence and performance superiority.

Vehicle Profile: 2017 BMW X5
BMW’s Sports Activity Vehicle stands alone and stands apart

In a market flush with competitors vying for the affection of consumers, it is not unreasonable to say that midsize premium sport utility vehicles are a dime a dozen. The 2017 BMW X5, on the other hand, stands apart from the pack not simply because it offers a superlative combination of everything that an SUV customer could possibly want.

Vehicle Profile: 2018 BMW 4 Series Coupe
BMW’s 4 Series Coupe lives up to its predecessor’s legacy

In the automotive industry, there are a few special vehicles whose names stir something intangible in the spirit. One of those vehicles is the legendary BMW 3 Series Coupe, a name so powerful that it was split off from the 3 Series in 2013 to become its own entity: the 4 Series.

Energy-Boosting Foods to Help You Quit Caffeine
How to bring up your energy levels without leaning on coffee

It is not uncommon practice for people to lean on caffeine to get through their workdays; after all, the energy boost provided by a strong cup of coffee or a frosty can of energy drink is typically enough to sustain a person for those last few grueling hours in the office.

5 Amazon Prime Originals You Need to See
Entertain yourself by watching one of these amazing Amazon Prime original programs.

When you think of Amazon, you probably think of their shopping and shipping services. However, Amazon is also in the entertainment business.

5 Camping Essentials You Can’t Leave Behind
Don’t forget to pack these crucial supplies for your camping trip

Now that the weather is finally nice and warm, it’s time to engage in one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities imaginable: camping. Camping allows you to explore the wonderful nature that can be found throughout our country.

Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly
Going green is easier than you think

With the ever-changing climate of the world, it’s important to do as much as possible when it comes to being environmentally conscious.

6 Essential Nutrients to Feed Your Dog
Is your dog getting these essential nutrients?

Since the furry members of your family cannot purchase groceries or cook for themselves, the responsibility of their diet falls to their human owners.

Minimalist Mindset: How to Live with Less
How to adopt a minimalist mindset and live with less

Although not scientifically proven, it seems that possessions can take on a life of their own, spontaneously reproducing to fill every nook and cranny of basements, attics, closets and garages.

12 Best New Nonfiction Reads
Learn something new in these great nonfiction reads

Truth is stranger than fiction, as the old saying goes. And, as the following books prove, truth can also be more entertaining, heartfelt and tragic than some of the most dramatic fiction worlds ever created.

Spend $99 at ShopBMWUSA.com, Get Free Shipping*

If you have had your eye on a few different BMW Accessories—whether it be gifts, apparel or performance enhancing add-ons for your vehicle—there is no better time to buy than right now.

Car Care: Maintain Value with Regular Car Washes
The importance of keeping your car clean

Your house is not the only thing that could use a little spring cleaning—especially if you own a vehicle that has endured the onslaught of snow, slush and salt that occurs during winter.

The Power of M Performance Parts meets your BMW 5 series

The Power of M Performance Parts meets your BMW 5 series
Bring the power of M Performance Parts to your G30. Customize your 5 series to match your personality and style.

Meet Ode and Fuzzy Lumpkins

It’s hard work looking cute, running around with some of the other canines and of course getting loved and kissed by everybody. I would not trade it for anything…except for my very own family where I could continue to romp around with dogs and have fun with people. Got a big spot in your home for me? I will be a big dog with an even bigger heart for the family that will teach me all there is to know about becoming the best family member ever.

Asheville, North Carolina
Where to go, eat and stay during your trip to Asheville, North Carolina

One of Appalachia’s hidden gems, Asheville is a relatively small but cosmopolitan city situated snugly between the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.

Let Your Hair Down in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Relax and take a break in this Caribbean nation

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is only a few months old, but it’s never too soon to consider where you’ll go on vacation to treat yourself for all of your hard work.

5 State Parks to Visit in Illinois and Indiana
Check out these Midwestern state parks

Nature has many things to offer, from picturesque landscapes to bountiful educational opportunities. Channel your inner Leslie Knope (from NBC’s “Parks & Recreation”) by visiting any of these state parks in Indiana and Illinois.

5 Lesser-Known Pirate Movies worth Watching
Go on your own adventure with these pirate movies

As far as pirate movies are concerned, many people are familiar with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, featuring Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah) Wins First-Ever World Urban Car Award
The BMW i3 takes the top prize for impressive range and exceptional value.

The BMW i3 expertly melds the efficiency one would expect from an urban vehicle with the intelligence and style that has made BMW synonymous with “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Auto Lifestyle: 69th Annual Directors Guild Awards Partnership
BMW’s All-New 5 Series shines bright on the red carpet

BMW proudly served as the exclusive automotive partner of the 69th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards Ceremony, which took place on February 4th. This marks the fourth year in a row that BMW has had a hand in the event, which honors outstanding achievement in direction for television, documentary and motion pictures.

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