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Monday, October 3, 2011 Issue 57   VOLUME 10 ISSUE 57  
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Review and Comparison of IP Cameras
Viewing Your IP Cameras Remotely
Now for the Fun Stuff

Review and Comparison of IP Cameras
Product Comparison: Axis, IQinvision, Ganz
by Bob Mesnik

Megapixel IP cameras are becoming much more popular in surveillance applications. Many manufacturers have introduced new megapixel cameras.  These megapixel cameras are being offered at prices that are not much more than the older VGA cameras. This camera review compares the latest megapixel dome IP Cameras from Axis, IQinvision and Ganz (division of CBC). Cameras range in price from about $659 to over $1100.  One thing we always say, you get what you pay for, so understand that there are product performance and reliability differences.  Take a look at our previous article; High Resolution Megapixel Cameras are Not all the Same which describes the differences in cameras.  
Viewing Your IP Cameras Remotely
Using your Smartphone
by Bob Mesnik

Recently there was an article in the IEEE technical journal that declared, “Video Telephony has Finally Arrived”.  They described how the Jetsons first predicted this in 1962, and now we can use our computer and Smartphone to do exactly what George did with his boss Cosmo Spacely.  This animated sitcom described the world in 2062.  I guess we did this sooner than expected.

To make the video phone a reality a number of obstacles had to be overcome including cost of the video equipment, the cost of high speed connection, and better compression schemes.

Now what about viewing our IP surveillance cameras remotely?  Does the new technology allow us to view all our surveillance cameras at home or on the road?

Now for the Fun Stuff
by Bob Mesnik

Signs of the Times

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