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Wednesday, September 3, 2008 Issue 43   VOLUME 8 ISSUE 43  
In this issue...
What is Bandwidth and How Much is Required
Selecting the Right IP Camera System
Now for the Jokes

What is Bandwidth and How Much is Required
How many fish do I really need
by Bob

Ever wonder why it takes so long to get a picture loaded on your computer screen? Do you sometimes have problems using your new cable telephone or VoIP system? What bandwidth is required for your Internet connection?  Do you need 512 Kbits/sec or 20 Mbits/sec? This article provides the information you need to determine the best service and will help you correct problems you may encounter with your Internet connection.
Selecting the Right IP Camera System
Understanding all the pieces
by Ed

When selecting a Network Attached or “IP” based camera system, there are many things to consider.  The core components include the camera, the lens, an enclosure for your camera, storage for your recorded video and the software that ties it all together.  So how exactly do you determine which components you need for your system?   By answering the following series of questions, you will have the information that you need to be part of the “IP Camera Revolution”!
Now for the Jokes
Comments about my doctor
by Bob

He's very good.  If you tell him you want a second opinion,  he'll go out and come in again. 

Another time he gave a patient six months to live.  At the end of the six months, the patient hadn't paid his bill,  so the doctor gave him another six months.

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