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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 Issue 41   VOLUME 8 ISSUE 41  
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Seeing in the Dark
Remote Surveillance over the Internet using Your Cell Phone
Time for Fun

Seeing in the Dark
Can you see as well as the owl?
by Bob

It was a dark night with just a small sliver of moon shining through the trees. The mouse nosed its way through the underbrush using its nose to find small nuts and berries.  Unknown to the mouse there was something watching from a tree limb high above. The owl was able to see the mouse clearly even though there was hardly any light.  Poor mouse.  He had no idea he was in trouble. 

How does the owl see in the dark?  This article describes the various ways that animals, and more importantly, video cameras can see in the dark. We discuss how cameras make use of the limited light available, cameras that use IR illumination and cameras that use thermal imaging technologies.

Remote Surveillance over the Internet using Your Cell Phone
Is it real?
by Kristy Hill and Sri L. Palasamudram

A number of years ago, it would have cost you an arm and a leg to carry a portable device that allowed you to watch and control surveillance cameras from a remote location over the Internet.  Today’s technology is not perfect, but it has gotten a lot better.  

It is relatively easy to view your IP camera using your laptop computer.  It gets more complicated to view the same camera using your cell phone.  Thanks to cell phone companies such as ATT, Sprint and Verizon who have been building the wireless infrastructure, cell phones can bring a stream of video images (3 to 8 fps) from your home or small business security cameras.
Time for Fun
The Life of a Technical Support Person
by Bob

Exasperated caller said she couldn't get her new computer to turn on.

Customer: "I've pushed and pushed on this foot pedal and nothing happens."
Tech: "Foot pedal?"

Customer: "Yes, this little white foot pedal with the on switch."

After some investigation it turned out that “the foot pedal” was the mouse.
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