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Tuesday, August 27, 2002 Issue 7   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 7  
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Selecting the Caching System that's Right for You
Your Own Newsletter
How To Set Up Remote Video Surveillance

Selecting the Caching System that's Right for You
The Turbo, TurboPlus and Super Turbo CD Servers

We now have three types of  CD/DVD servers - Turbo, TurboPlus and SuperTurbo. Each provides unique capabilities to meet the requirements of specific applications. They all contain hard drives that hold the content of your CD or DVD discs. You can select systems that are compatible with the latest Windows 2000 operating system or select a TurboPlus unit with RAID capability and the ability to work as a general purpose storage system. We also have the high performance SuperTurbo system that can stream video to many users at the same time.

Your Own Newsletter
One of the most effective communication tools

As you may have noticed, the Newsletter we use to keep in touch with you is a very effective communication tool. How would you like to have your own Newsletter? We decided to make this newsletter service available to all the people who subscribe to Kintronics News. Creating your own newsletter is very easy – you can use Microsoft Word to create the article and then upload it to the newsletter. Once you have created the newsletter you can distribute it automatically using a database of email addresses that you have acquired. The newsletter even helps you acquire your own email database.

How To Set Up Remote Video Surveillance
Monitor remote sites from the comfort of your home or office

Networked video solutions allow remote sites such as stores to be monitored from a single location. The network attached camera system uses the Internet to allow you to view a remote site using a standard web browser. It’s a simple yet very powerful solution – allowing you to even use pan/tilt/zoom camera systems from the comfort of your home or office. You can select color or black/white cameras positioned inside or outside.

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