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Monday, July 15, 2002 Issue 6   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 6  
In this issue...
The Challenge of Data Backup
Introducing the SuperTurbo
Introducing the Network Attached Duplication System
New Technology

The Challenge of Data Backup
Comparing Tape, Hard Disks and Internet Services

It is the nature of new technology that older methodologies tend to give way to new in the race to provide easier, quicker and less labor intensive backup systems. Tape systems continue to be the most popular way to backup data. There has been some concern that tape systems are not that reliable, but they do provide a high speed, automated method for backing up the data. Disc to disc backup provides convenient backup that is faster than tape and provides better reliability, but may not be suitable for large capacities. Off-line backup using Internet service companies is the newest way to backup your data. They are very automated, require almost no local manpower, and assure that your data is safe even if your facility burns down.

Introducing the SuperTurbo
High Performance CD and DVD Server

Kintronics is pleased to introduce the Avantis SuperTurbo CD and DVD servers. The OpenCD CD and DVD server series includes a range of specialized CD/DVD network attached CD-server appliances. These servers cache your discs to hard drives and are built for performance. They utilize Pentium GHz processors that not only allow you to share standard CDs and DVDs on the network, they also allow you to stream video and/or audio to many users at the same time.
Introducing the Network Attached Duplication System
Publish CDs or DVDs From the Network

Kintronics is pleased to introduce the AutoTracer Network Attached duplication system from Condre. This CD or DVD Duplication System with optional built-in printer makes it easy for many users on the network to publish up to 100 CDs.


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