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Thursday, May 2, 2002 Issue 4   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 4  
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Select The Right CD or DVD System
View Your Organization from Anywhere in the World
Selecting the Right Duplication System

Select The Right CD or DVD System
The Questions to Ask

We provide many different types of equipment for accessing and storing information. To select the right CD or DVD system, answer the following questions:
Do you want to store information or do you only want to access discs.
Select jukeboxes with CD or DVD writers or towers with CD or DVD readers.

View Your Organization from Anywhere in the World
Network Attached Cameras Make it Easy

Network attached camera systems make it very easy to view your organization from anywhere in the world. The latest surveillance technology utilizes an all digital system that's very easy to install and use. It allows you to monitor your IT department, educational facility, or manufacturing organization using a web browser.

Selecting the Right Duplication System
Answer these questions

To choose the correct duplication system you should first answer the following questions:
How many discs do you want to make at a time? Do you have large batches or small batches?
Select systems with 50, 100, 400 or 800 disc capacity.


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