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Monday, February 25, 2002 Issue 2   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2  
Duplication Systems are Now Faster and More Affordable
Electronic Whiteboards Make Meetings More Productive
What Is a Network Camera?

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This months newsletter describes some new duplication systems, how to select an Electronic Whiteboard, and what's inside a network camera. I hope you find this informative.

Duplication Systems are Now Faster and More Affordable
More Choices to Meet Your Application

Duplication Systems are now faster, more reliable and more affordable then ever before. The latest duplicators use the new 24X recorders. Each recorder can write a full 650 MB capacity CD in about 3 minutes. There is a wide choice of configurations so you can choose a system that's right for your application. You can even get a system that duplicates DVD-R discs.
Electronic Whiteboards Make Meetings More Productive
Print whatever is written on your whiteboard

Electronic Whiteboards make meetings much easier. Have you ever been to a meeting where you found it necessary to copy of all the stuff you've written on the whiteboard? What do you do? Have someone transfer everything manually, or maybe take a picture of the board? Wouldn't it be nice to just push a button and make a copy automatically? That's what the electronic whiteboards accomplish. They make it easy for your audience to listen to the discussion without worrying about taking notes. They allow you to keep a complete record of everything written on the board.
What Is a Network Camera?

A network camera is a device including a lens, optical filter, image sensor, image digitizer, image compressor and Web server with network connectivity.

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