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Wednesday, January 2, 2002 Issue 1   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1  
RAID Systems
Network Attached Storage

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Happy New Year everyone! This issue focuses on storage systems. We now provide RAID systems from world class storage manufacturers such as IBM and Hitachi. The article below describes some of the new products available.

The latest Network Attached Storage not only allows you to share hard disk storage, it also lets you share CDs and DVDs. In addition you can archive data to DVD-R or CD-R media. This is a very flexible appliance.

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RAID Systems
From IBM, Hitachi and Adaptec

Kintronics now carries high performance, very reliable and econmical RAID systems from IBM, Hitachi and Adaptec. These industry leaders provide world class support and on-site maintenance. RAID systems are becoming faster, more reliable and more economical.

Network Attached Storage
Many More Functions Available

Network Attached Storage (NAS), used to have only one function. It was an easy to use, plug and play appliance that appeared as a server on the network. Well now NAS has many more features. It's still simple to install and easy to use, but it also provides many new functions as well. Need to back up your data to tape? It does that. Need to share your CDs and DVDs on the network? It does that to. Need to archive data to CD-R, CD/RW or even DVD-R discs from anywhere on the network? Yes, it does that as well.

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