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Thursday, September 20, 2001 Issue 5   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 5  


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Video Surveillance Systems
New Digital Projectors
DVD Recording
Fall Specials


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Issue 4
July 14, 2001
Vol. 1 Issue 4
June 01, 2001
Vol. 1 Issue 3

Whether you need information about CD-ROM Servers, Network Attached Surveillance systems or even presentation systems, we are the place to go when you need answers about technology. As you know, we don't have an automated voice system. During our working hours we actually answer the phone. And, more importantly we provide all the technical answers you need.
Our latest issue provides information and news we hope you will find interesting. We can be reached by email and of course by telephone at 1-800-431-1658 or 914-347-2530.
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Video Surveillance Systems
Which is better: Analog or Digital?

Digital network attached camera systems provide a simple, easy to install surveillance system that makes use of your computer network. They can even be viewed locally on the network or at a remote location, over the Internet, using a standard Web Browser.
New Digital Projectors
Brighter, Lighter, Smaller and They Cost Less

New smaller and lighter projectors are now available at a lower price. Plus Corporation recently introduced a new line of digital projectors designed for portable applications. At only three pounds, the PLUS U3 projectors provide the performance of larger projectors without the excess weight.
DVD Recording
It's Less Expensive, But Watch Out for the New Discs

Pioneer recently introduced a new DVD Recorder. The model DVR-A03 writes and reads DVD-RW, DVD-R (650nm), CD-R and CD-RW media. It also reads CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs. This new DVD Writer breaks the price barrier, selling for $750 instead of over $5,000. But, be careful using this recorder.  It only records on DVD-R General Media (650nm), and not the original DVD-R Authoring media (635nm).
Fall Specials
DVD Tower Servers
DVD T8732X-NetServ100
Contains seven SCSI DVD-ROM drives with Axis Multiprotocol Ethernet 10/100 Mb Network Server in 8-bay cabinet with locking Plexiglas door, fans and filters.
Tower of Changers
CDR J83516X-NetServ100
35 CD-Disc capacity with 7 Nakamichi 16X SCSI CD-ROM Changers. Provides locking Plexiglass front door, fans and filters. Includes Server/Tower with Axis E100 TCP/IP 10/100 Ethernet Network Server.
TurboCD Tower
CDHD A4019-E100
Turbo Tower Provides 19 CD capacity with Axis Storpoint E100 server, 9 GB SCSI hard drive, and one 40X CD-ROM drive in 4-bay cabinet
CDHD A7040-E100
40 CD capacity, Axis StorpointE100 server with 18 GB SCSI hard drive, and 4 40X CD-ROM drives in 8-bay tower.
CDVHDR A7038-E100
38 CD capacity. Includes Axis StorpointE100 server with 18 GB SCSI hard drive, one DVD-ROM drive, one CD-Recorder and one 40X CD-ROM drives in 8-bay tower.
Network Attached Storage
Hard Disk storage system in 2-bay cabinet. Includes 80 GB IDE Hard Disk capacity (contains one 80 GB EIDE drive). Axis NAS 10/100Base, direct network connect hard drive appliance.
Hard Disk storage FIleZerver system includes 144 GB Hard Disk capacity (four 36 GB SCSI hard drives), FIleZerver 10/100Base, direct network connect hard drive appliance. Can be configured for RAID 0, 1 (Mirroring), or RAID 5 (with 108 useable capacity).
If you need more information, please give us a call or send an email. We recommend that you contact us before selecting a product. Our experienced sales engineers will be happy to help you configure the exact product for your requirements. Call us at 1-800-431-1658 or 1-914-347-2530. You can also contact us by email.


September 11 was a day of shock and sadness for people around the world. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy.

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