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Monday, February 25, 2002 Issue 2   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2  
What Is a Network Camera?

A network camera is a device including a lens, optical filter, image sensor, image digitizer, image compressor and Web server with network connectivity.

A network camera has its own IP address and includes the computing functions to handle network communications protocols, such as TCP/IP. It is connected to the network as any other network device and it has built-in software for a Web server, FTP server, FTP client, e-mail client etc. More advanced network cameras can also include many other attractive functions; such as motion detection, alarm inputs/outputs and e-mail support.
A real network camera does not need to be connected to a PC. Note that many Web cameras, Internet cameras etc. claim that they are network cameras, but are actually PC cameras. They are connected to a PC via USB or Firewire. The PC is required for the connection to the network.
Contact us for more information about all the network attached cameras available. 1-800-431-1658 (in the USA) or 914-347-2530 (outside the USA) or by email.

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