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Monday, November 5, 2001 Issue 6   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 6  
Data Archiving and CD-ROM Appliance
Provides Hard Drive Storage and CD/DVD-ROM Access

Today we are all searching for better ways to make our data processing centers as reliable as possible. The latest TurboPlus appliance from Kintronics provides the flexibility of Network Attached Storage with the reliability and permanence of CD-ROM discs.  This new appliance can be used to increase the storage capacity of your network, as well as providing archival backup of the data.  This is a great alternative to a jukebox, providing a very fast network attached CD archiving system, for less than half the price of a jukebox.
The TurboPlus unit is a very flexible data appliance. It appears on your network as another server, allowing you to free up data storage on your network server. The TurboPlus includes RAID, dramatically increasing reliability. You can store and access all your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM discs, and share them on the network. You can back up all the data to an optional tape drive. More significantly, the system allows you to transfer data to archival CD-R media. It even dices your vegetables (just kidding).  Anyway it's a very powerful appliance.
The TurboPlus unit contains:
         High performance FISC thin server that attaches the unit to your Ethernet network
         General hard drive storage protected by RAID.
         CD-ROM and DVD-ROM image storage for access of data (also protected by RAID)
         CD-RW recorder for archiving data.
         Tape drive for backing up data.

The TurboPlus appliance is a very cost-effective solution. For example the model CDNAS-5120IDEA, includes 120 GB IDE Hard Disk capacity - 80 GB if in RAID 5 configuration (contains three 40 GB Maxtor IDE drives). ). It also includes a CD-ROM recorder and 80GB caching hard drive for holding over 120 CDs.  This hard disk storage and CD-ROM system is contained in 8-bay cabinet. The Allion FISC CDH NAS thin server attaches the tower to the 10/100Base network. This direct network connect hard drive appliance contains 256 MB SDRAM.  It connects to Windows NT, Novell  (not NDS compliant), Apple or UNIX networks. A CD image can be written into CD-R/RW via built-in tools and a collection of files can be written into CD-R/RW via bundled software (eConsole). Protocols supported: NetBEUI, NetBIOS over TCP/IP, NCP over IPX, AppleTalk, TCP/IP, NFS version 2.  Can access this storage unit even if the network server is down.  Web browser interface for easy administration. Can upgrade with additional IDE hard drive. 

This system costs $5,307.
We build these units in almost any configuration you require. Please contact us for a specific quotation.
We can be reached by email and of course by telephone at 1-800-431-1658 or 914-347-2530.

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