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Thursday, July 10, 2014 Issue 75   VOLUME 13 ISSUE 75  
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Understanding IP Camera Resolution Specifications
Resolution is determined by more than the sensor
by Bob Mesnik

Resolution is a critical metric for selecting the right IP camera for your surveillance system. In the old days of B/W analog cameras we used a test chart to determine the resolution of the camera. Today’s megapixel color IP cameras require more complex measurement techniques. This article will help you understand the resolution specification so you can select the best camera for your application.


IP Intercoms and Network Cameras Control Door Access
A convergence of technology uses your smartphone
by Virginia Fair

Network attached IP cameras and intercoms combine with your smart phone to create the latest technology for door access control.

and Convergence are two of the buzziest words around. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and refers to the policy many schools and businesses have adopted of allowing workers and students to work on their own laptops, smartphones, or tablets.
Convergence is defined as the merging of two or more existing technologies to produce a new application or media. For example the collaboration of broadcast media and online services has brought the internet to TV and TV to the internet. What has made convergence a priority for so many sectors are those BYOD devices.


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