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February 2012
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Take 10% Off Service Labor**
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2012 Accent For As Low As $169 A Month
$500 Off A 2012 Hyundai Sonata
$5 Off ANY Oil & Lube Service
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Read Between the Petals
The flowers you send could mean something different than you intended.

Did you know that the flowers you send to friends and loved ones might have a special meaning other than what you wrote on the card? From asters and daisies to the specific color of roses you choose, you might be sending a completely different message than intended with your flowers.
According to The Flower Expert (, most people don’t think about the meaning of flowers before giving them. Individual flowers can carry unique meaning, and certain flowers are reserved for specific occasions. Here are some well-known flowers and their corresponding symbolism:
  • The Calla lily symbolizes beauty and magnificence, making it an ideal choice for a wedding.
  • The daffodil symbolizes chivalry or unrequited love; a single daffodil foretells misfortune while a bunch of daffodils carries a meaning of joy and happiness.
  • The daisy means innocence and purity and conveys loyal love.
  • The lily generally stands for purity and refined beauty, but the color of the lily also carries different meanings. White symbolizes modesty, orange symbolizes passion and yellow conveys gaiety; the Lily of the Valley stands for sweetness.
  • The peony can be used to express bashfulness, compassion or even shame and indignation.
  • The sunflower symbolizes dedication, adoration and pure thoughts.
  • The tulip signifies a declaration of love. 
A vibrant bouquet of roses is always an exciting surprise for anyone; however, be mindful of the color roses you send. The Flower Dictionary ( breaks down the meaning of each rose color so “you know which to get for your mother and which for your lover.”
  • Red roses: From crimson to scarlet and anywhere in between, red roses symbolize love. Dark red stands for a more charitable love while brilliant red conveys devoted passion.
  • Orange roses: Orange, anywhere in the range of vermillion to ginger, symbolizes pride, confidence and energy, and mixes the passion of the red rose with the happiness of the yellow.
  • Yellow roses: Yellow roses are an expression of happiness, cheer and new life.
  • Pink roses: Pink roses are for the expression of more filial love than romantic love; pink roses convey innocent happiness.
  • White roses: White flowers typically are connected with new life and carry a meaning of purity and innocence; this is why brides commonly carry white roses down the aisle.
  • Mixed roses: According to The Flower Expert, mixed roses can convey a combination of emotions. A random collection of roses might mean you’re unsure of your feelings toward that person, but you like them enough to send flowers while a bouquet of red and white roses would mean your love is both intense and honorable. 
So if you’re thinking of sending that special someone a message with flowers, make sure you know what message you’re really sending first.

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